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Septic Smelter Prototype

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Here is a design that uses the waste heat from the Smelter to heat up any Liquid to a specific temperature, while also cleansing the liquid of it's germs.  It will release the heated liquid, once it has reached the target temperature, provided that the smelter is being used.  This effectively kills two birds with one stone, to provide a regular supply of cleansed liquid, while also making use of the Smelter's waste heat.

I got the idea after reading Neotuck's post on the Septic Tank V2.

The system has 3 stages:

1: Fill the Tank

2: Cycle the water to the Smelter

3: Empty the Tank



In this example, I used a liquid guage to prime the tank, it's just placed on top of the automation wire between the liquid valve and the bridge below it.

For added cleansing, you can fill the chamber with Chlorine, however, I don't think this is necessary if you heat the liquid up to 70c, like i'm doing in this example.

Here's how it works.

The temperature sensor register liquid ABOVE 70C, this triggers the latch and filter, the latch causes the liquid to drain from the system until the filter times out.

Once the latch is reset, a second latch is triggered, opening the valve to fill the system up, again, another filter is used on the latch, which times out, eventually closing the valve and to complete the filling of the tank.

Once the tank is filled, an and gate is used to trigger the valve, which cycles liquid to the Smelter, if the other tank is not cycling, then this AND gate will not cycle.  Once the other tank has completed Cycling, ie the liquid is above 70c, then the AND gate registers and opens the valve to cycle the liquid.

When one of the tanks has reached it's target temperature, a buffer and filter (at the top) continue to let liquid into the tank for a short time after, which helps to drain the hot liquid from the smelter.


So far, i've only come across one issue with this design and that is the Smelter itself, the pipe immediately exiting the smelter breaks due to some liquid in the smelter getting too hot (150c) and breaks the pipe.  This might be fixable by changing the buffer/filter times at the top from 30s to something higher.  I've attempted to fix this by surrounding the Smelter with gold pipes containing the input liquid, which is about 40c and using the tempshift plates, weezes and metal flooring.  If anyone has a better solution to this, the help would be welcoming.

Increasing the buffer/filter times to around 50s seems to alleviate this issue.

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