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How do you stay motivated to mod if everyone hates/ignores it

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I used to make a few sound/voice and even character/gameplay overhaul mods which I put tons of work and free time into to make them come to reality. Some loved them but most really hated them for being too "creative" and "different than the classic Don't Starve experience". So a lot of people were negative, unhelpful or even straightforward mean to me and after a while I stopped making them mods and even deleted them which I deeply regret up to this day. So my advice, don't give up. If it's not for the others, make mods for yourself. It's just you who knows how much time, effort and work you put into creating your mods thereby you are the one who can appreciate them the most. Don't let others' opinions drag you down or stop you.

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I stay motivated because modding is a way for me to create something. I never got real hate for my mod, neither i got real hype either.

I mod mostly for things i would like to see in the game or things i find fun or useful, so at least i know i will use it when playing on my servers. Even if i hope the one that took me so much time will please people IF i release it a day...

Also, there are a lot of mods, so outside of some big shiny mods, most of them will not attract a lot of attention.


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I only mod for myself and close friends. I could care less what other people think of my mods if I ever shared them as they aren't the target audience. On the internet there will always be polarizing views on what is good and bad. But there are also what is called tasteful and untasteful mods and if a mod is untasteful to the vast majority of people where it is posted you are just asking for a hard time from them. It might be best to keeps it friends only ;).

It can take agonizing amounts of time to make mods, so prioritize what you want to have fun with now rather than what others want.

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When you're on the internet, you need to put some anti-BS-glasses on, to take the criticism while filtering out the gall. If you can use the criticism, good. Otherwise, ignore it. It's your mod. Be as proud of it, as you think you deserve to be, and probably a bit more. You created something from nothing. If someone else likes it, that's great. If someone hates it, they can find another mod. Do this for yourself, for the experience, for the fun, for the fans, for whatever reason you started.

Keep on trucking, m8 :)

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