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Day 222 Research 22000+


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So As a consequence of all my research and the like I am currently at day 222 (I just ticked over to 223. I have 22000 in research


I just wanted to share that.

Also in side note I have died and resurrected twice as you can see by a destroyed effigy. These two deaths were back to back and a result of experiments on deliberately getting hurt....

Anyone got any questions in regards to the art of long term survival?

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Well I guess the hard part of surviving that long is to not get bored. Just surviving isnt that hard after day 30 or so. But you solved that problem by experimenting :)

And as the game gets bigger im guessing there will be more thing to keep you busy.

Question: Have you fully explored the map?

Extra question: Will you restart after the next update, and will it hard to actually click the button?

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I always find it hard to click that button!

I have fully explored the maps.


Yes the experiments do keep me busy

I also take time out to go and collect some rare things. I need to do another journey to go and collect tall bird eggs

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