Generations Update!

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indentlol Have you ever wanted to build items out of certain generations of human history? With this update, just that can be achieved! Ranging from clubs to knives to shape sticks, all sorts of cool craftables will be added, and be divided by the era of the item and it's use!

New Gameplay Features!

Arm Slot- A new equip slot is added, that goes on your forearm, like gloves.

Passage of Time- As time passes, the world changes. Rocks are eroded, biomes change, plants are planted, and villages are moved, and continents colide, forming more rocks and land!

Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down!- Ash can be obtained by burning items that originally couldn't be used with fire, Ex) Silk, Feathers. You get 1 Ash per 3 items burnt.

New World Item! Lead is now dropped from rocks, but it is even more rare than gold! Good luck finding it!

Tribal Era!


Club- A weapon made from 1 log! Sounds simple and over powered, right? Well, wrong. It is the in-between of a spear and normal tool. It 100 uses like a spear, but only does 25 damage like a tool.


Nothing is added, the Feather Hat is something from this era.

Medieval Era!


Bow- A ranged weapon that shoots arrows. It is made from 4 Wooden Rods and 3 string. The bow has 50 uses, and deals 5 damage per use to the user if not wearing the Arm Guards.


Claymore- A long sword that deals 100 damage, and has 50 uses. Made from 6 Flint, 2 Wooden Rods, and 1 Gold. You may be thinking, "SO OP" but there are debuffs. You move only at 75% speed when equipped with this weapon. It also has an animation when you get it out that cannot be canceled that lasts 2 seconds. The weapon has the swing time and animation of the hammer.


Arm Guard- An arm protector. Crafted with 2 Rope and 4 Pig Skin. When equipped, damage is negated from the bow. Can take 40 hits. Used to craft Fire Proof Gloves.



Quiver- A container for holding arrows, equipped on the body slot. Made from 1 Koalafant Trunk and 1 Pig Skin. Can hold 25 arrows.

Arrow- A piece of flint attached to a wooden rod and feathers. Requires 1 Flint, 1 Wooden Rod, and 3 Redbird/Crow Feathers. (Can Use Some of Both) Cannot stack, thus making the quiver more important.


String- Made from 1 Silk. Used for stringy things!

Pocket Knife- Used to widdle twigs into wooden rods! Does 10 damage to enemies, and can be used 100 times.

Wooden Rod- Made from 2 twigs being widdled by a Pocket Knife. Better and more sturdy than twigs.

Revolution Era!


Flintlock Pistol- A very primitive model of a flintlock pistol, made with 3 Gold Nuggets, 2 Flint, 1 Ash, and 1 Wood. Deals 50 damage, and has 150 uses. Good for taking down foes from a distance. Shoots Lead Balls. Deals 2 Damage to user due to burns. Can be negated by Fire Proof Gloves.


Fire Proof Gloves- Made from the Arm Guards, 1 Koalafant Trunk, and 1 Pig Skin. Protects you from damage caused by Fireworks, Bow, and Flintlock. Can take 80 hits.


Lead Ball- The Ammo for the Flintlock, made from lead!

Fire Works- Made from 1 rope, 3 Wooden Rods, 3 Papyrus, and ash! 6 bottle Rockets are made. When used, sanity is restored by 10. You take 10 damage if not wearing fire-proof gloves!

I hope you enjoy my suggestions and consider adding these things!

Feedback would be nice.

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