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  1. Knock Knock.

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    2. Someonestolemeberrys


      Wait I think i just did.


    3. YouKnowWho


      oh boy mister mail man i think you're a sell out

    4. Someonestolemeberrys


      If only i get paid for sharing there beautiful site.

  2. Everyone in florida is bundled up for this 50 degree (Fahrenheit) weather and im the jackass wearing shorts and a t shirt. 

  3. Busy Busy Busy! 
    Ill be back after christmas! 
    So enjoy your holiday!

    1. GiddyGuy


      I hope you also enjoy your holiday you're celebrating my dear sir and or madam.

  4. 117 LIkes....
    Stolen from Deviant art: scruffy0105

  5. The only good thing about cleaning your room as a adult is finding the occasional 100$ bill under your bed :D
    This should work on my trip to ny!

    1. GiddyGuy


      It's raining men- I mean money. :rolleyes:

    2. Someonestolemeberrys


      I know and there was no dancing required!

  6. Smile!

    Sometimes a smile can make anyones day :).

    1. GiddyGuy


      Memes also help.


  7. New profile pic! Stylish! 

  8. Good bye everyone of Klei Entertainment...I will sincerly miss you all :)!

  9. 100 Ways To hate - Five Finger Death Punch

  10. 1st. I kinda knew everyone knows my name... I lurk off-topic section... 2nd Sorry for late reply, Job gets in the way of everything X(_________________________________________________-Also whats going on with this hug thing? free hugs? That's awesome when I do it they get mad and umm...
  11. Vingw my best buddy-good pal-oldest friend-awesomeness voice- Canadian pal May I request for a drawing...
  12. Got Jumped by 2 spider queens And KILLED THEM BOTH!!!! I have 3 Hp 15 hunger and 78 sanity left with 1 monster meat... I did not want to die by starving...So I ate the meat.... Sad face...
  13. THERE IS NO NO'S!!!!! I LOVE THE IDEA!!!!! and for the Software i say cheak Youtube!
  14. Idk If your done but ill say it anyway!Good luck on your Animation Project... And also good luck with the contest I hope you make first place!
  15. Multiplayer is fun...Singleplayer I make the rules...
  16. So my idea is another game mode is a RPG based game. The rules will be the same as don't Starve but instead you can level up stats...Strength:Getting stronger for heavy attacksWisdom:More Sanity for youEndurence: More HitpointsLuck: Increase drop rate.Speed: Increase speed...DuhHunger: Increase your stomachI know the hunger thing is stupit so someone think of a better name for that in description but anywhom. This would not be to OP since It maybe 1 point at a time so they need to kill more and more everytime to Level up.And the more you level up the harder it will get.So which introducing my new character idea as well. White... It is a char made for RPG games He looks like a Manuquin but with default speach and NO SPEACIAL ABILITYS!. So he will start at 100HP 100SP 100IP (Hunger points, Stomach Points, Insanity Points.) So gimme your ideas or Critizium and i will try not to cry...
  17. Im going to make a video just to see how much manure a werepig can do before crashing the game...