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What do you guys think of a Dupe-lympics or Dup-a-thon that takes place every 100 cycles. The aim of the contest is to determine which one of your dupes is the fittest, strongest, smartest or in other regards best dupe in his field. During that event all dupes can take place in a series of events testing their skills in different areas:

sprinting, diving, debating, etc.

An event will essentially be a dice-toss on one (or more) of the dupes stats (e.g. Strength) and after a series of dice-tosses the highest rolling dupe will achieve a "medal" in that dicipline.

The medal will give the dupe a permanent bonus (e.g. -10% stress relief, +5 Strength, -10% Stress relief for other dupes around him, +2 QoL) until the next Dup-a-thon.

The sub-disciplines will only be available if the player choses to build a room with the correct equipment in it: e.g. racetrack, diving pool, debate-podium. If the player choses not to build a facility for an event, it is not taking place. No penalty is inflicted.

If an event is taking place it has to be noted that there will only be as many starting positions as the player choses. If a dupe can not take part in an event (hat is taking place), he might be sad about it (e.g. +10% stress for a couple of cycles, -1 QoL).

If no events can take place, the dupe-a-thon is skipped.


To accomodate for the fact that dupes will not be able to work during the period of the dupe-a-thon, their requirements will be greatly reduced for that duration out of excitment (similar to critter's glum: metabolism -80%).


Any ideas?

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