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Would love to see more combat system in this game

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With more dangerous creatures or like an expansion with enemy colony trying to survive too, one or two or even three, that might search for you later on as they develop so you have to kinda prepare and battle them ahead before they do, maybe later on if you beat all of them, new ones can fly to you and settle too. Weapons, turrets, etc.

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I think we need a biome inahbited by dangerous critters. Just so you won`t be in danger until you decide to break into it, kinda like slimelung isn`t an issue before you start mining the slime biome. The critters shouldn`t be able to brak through your airlocks imo but should attack your dupes if they come too close to them or their homes (thining of something like a beehive). An automatic defence turret could work but maybe you`d want to keep the critters alive (maybe they produce a valuable resource but don`t give it up easily). Trying to kill them off might be hard with just the basic dupes weapons. Maybe you could upgrade your weaponry or produce some armor like a kevlar vest.

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