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ONI Calculator

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I love this game but I don't have time to invest in learning all the nuances to effeciently plan and work my base. I think it would be great to have a way to calculate different rates.

If I could get some people to provide the data for various aspects of the game, I would be happy to develop the web page, server and get it online. Since the game is in Alpha and due to change, this would be a continous project that updates along side patches.

Basically the idea of the calculator would be track in game entities (duplicants, farming, ranching, etc) and calculate the generation and consumption of resources (KCal, Oxygen, Temperatur, Power, etc)

Obviously, because of a variables outside of our control (like spacing), this could only be a rough estimate but I think it would be very useful for those of us that aren't able to study the game.


Let me know if you're interested!

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Here's some data on critters for you.

Regarding machinery and materials, you can look up the wikipedia page, although it doesn't have all the details(e.g. for buildings input/output change of parameters, specifically temperature of liquids - for sieve and electrolyzer and many other things output has fixed temperature ... so ... nothing much to calculate there - just heat deletion/generation).

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