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  1. My point was that water flows first in 1 direction, then in the other direction, not in both directions at the same time.
  2. The problem is that water flows in 1 direction when you have a split. In this case you have 20 outputs(the farm tiles), and water flows to only 1 of them at a time. So if farm tile 1(left most) needs water, the pipe supplies farm tile 1 and stops for that tick/second. Then if Plant 1 is watered and plant 2 needs water, water flows ONLY to plant 2. And so on. You can partially solve this issue by using bridges - They split the pipe into sections, so water flows in each section independently. If you have a bridge with 4 splits at the output, water will be able to flow independently in those 4 directions, so you'll be able to water at least 4 plants. If you connect 2 plants by each split that makes 8 plants(because 2 plants work usually). Here's a picture of a working pipe system: Notice that a pipe doesn't go through more than 2 plants. Another thing you can do is have 1 free pipe segment(like in the top left plan that I just made) where 10kg water gather, and then 2 farm tiles that drain water from those 10kg. That should work well. Also notice that the split is done in the end of the bridge(and not in the beginning) - that ensures there is one output in each direction. If I made the split at the beginning of the bridge, water will first flow in the bridge and only excess water will flow towards the split - that would be a VERY BAD piping setup.
  3. Try unassigning the dupe from that job(Ada from Electrical Engineer) and see if the Tinkering skill changes? I've seen that for Research assistant it does change, as you also pointed out, but the electrical engineer & mechatronics might be bugged. If it doesn't change(stay at 7), then I guess it's a bug. Regarding the pictures - you uploaded 8 pictures, 2 of them are similar and you didn't use both, so the unused one is shown in the bottom - try deleting one of the copies(click the trash bin from the upload section) - that should remove the picture. I've also had this happen when uploading many pics.
  4. To be more specific, I see at least 2 possible use cases that should be covered by those checkpoints and docks: 1) Public suit - OUTSIDE-INSIDE idea when going OUTSIDE dupes must wear a suit or equip one from those(public ones) on storage when coming INSIDE dupes must take off their(public) suit and leave it at the dock for storage and charging I'd say currently that's implemented - checkpoint arrow is ->(as in the pic above) so dupes going right(outside) Have a suit, so they just wear it and continue on their way - OK Don't have a suit, so they equip a suit that is charged or are forbidden access outside - OK - they might die otherwise, because outside is "dangerous" dupes coming back to the left(inside) They undress 100% of the time? Why? If there's free space they always undress and leave their suit What if I want them to keep the suit on, because it belongs to another dock? If there's no free space and the checkpoint is set to permission always they unequip their suit and drop it on the floor why ? ? ? Why would they undress? Just keep the suit on and continue? That means there's a free dock somewhere else, so they'll eventually go there and leave it there. Dropping it on the floor means 100% need for micro-managing suits - bad idea! If there's no free space and the checkpoint is set to no vacancy, then they are forbidden to go back in? So they'll stay outside and suffocate/starve/ to death? Why would we want to have such an option at all??? My view is that the whole red paragraph (2) - going back to base - should be reworked, because there are those weird cases that require microing, or simply forbid access to a suit-wearing dupe, which is ridiculous. Here's how the rework might look: It should allow a dupe to keep his suit on if it's a "personal suit". Currently there's an assign-atmo-suit-to-dupe option - maybe that should make the suit personal, so that the dupe goes everywhere with that suit. Also, I should be able to assign a suit to an atmo suit dock, so that when that suit is empty it gets delivered always to that dock. 2) Private suit idea A suit is assigned to 1 dock and 1 dupe only. The dupe wears the suit while it's full and leaves it for charging at that specific dock when it's empty. The dupe doesn't unequip his suit at other checkpoints - they just check if the dupe has a suit - he has one, so he passes freely! Other dupes passing that dock don't equip the suit, since it's already assigned to someone else! Now that I visualize it, It might be better to assign the dock itself to a dupe and have a suit delivered to that dock, at which point the suit becomes private. From that moment on the suit and the dock are connected and the dupe and the dock are connected - done! Currently, neither the private suit idea is implemented, nor does the public suit idea works properly without micro management - dupes will stack all suits at one dock and the player will have to manually return all suits to other docks. Not to mention the possibility of dupes getting left outside.
  5. OK, but if there was one undelivered suit - an empty dock without a "green delivery slot" selected, he would happily leave his suit there, too ! So that ownership idea wouldn't work in case 1 suit wasn't ordered for delivery. Besides, why can't he deliver his own suit and continue onwards, if that's where he needs to go? So which one is it ? 1) Suits are owned by 1 dock only, or - then leaving an empty space breaks this idea 2) they can be transfered to different docks? - then the setup above breaks this idea...
  6. It feels like Checkpoints are made only to torture us. Checkpoint set to vacancy only Meed wears an atmo suit and can't pass, even though there are 2 free spaces. They have a deliver request, but there is no suit yet, so meep should be able to deliver his own suit in that checkpoint? . There are 2 free spots, that are set to receive suits, but they haven't received suits yet. However, poor Meep can't pass, because the checkpoint is considered full? Also, a checkpoint made on a stair doesn't work(if I make it on the left side of the docks).
  7. When there are no sick dupes, there's no possibility to spread disease. If the problem is disease spreading, then dupes shouldn't be allowed to enter the med bay at all. If I put doors on the two ends of the medbay dupes will pass through and spread much more disease than the toilet ever could. Again, having a "make public" option makes sense for me, even if the toilet becomes assigned automatically when there's a dupe assigned to the med bay. Given that toilets are large and they might require plumbing, having enough toilets is an issue, so using them more efficiently/intelligently should be possible without deconstruction. Or maybe I should be allowed to "turn off" the med bay status, so it reverts to a latrine(although that won't work, since there is still a med bed and a mess table inside).
  8. I just tried auto-wrangling some critters and the animation before the wrangle was from grooming, not from wrangling. Here is the situation afterwards when the critter is already wrangled. Maybe this happened because the grooming station was right next to the critter drop off?
  9. @scycos, Note that the AT consumes 333 MG/s, that is 0.333 g/s. In the same time a duplicant exhales 2g/s! That means you need 6 AT for 1 duplicant to remove all CO2, so for your 7 duplicants you need 42 AT to remove all CO2. You also have coal generators - they produce 20g/s CO2. That's 10 duplicants worth of coal! so you need 60 ATs to remove that CO2! Do you see where the math is going? Using AT to remove all CO2 is probably not going to work. I don't think the AT is not consuming it, you're just producing more. You might consider filtering the CO2 into a chamber(use a logic filter or a normal 120W one) and using it later to feed slicksters (they turn CO2 into crude oil, which is useful!). OR if you just want to get rid of the CO2 - use a CO2 scrubber.
  10. He's exhaling the processed O2 that has gathered in his lungs while he had access to O2. And regarding the bug - nice exploit - using construction dig instead of normal dig, as they're different categories
  11. The same happens also with storage containers, fridges, statues - if you remove the tiles underneath them - you get floating buildings! I guess you ran into the entombment case - they should both cause discomfort to the player, in the same way that other buildings(beds/toilets...) become unusable.
  12. Same for me, I think briars are plants so not counted as "20+ decor item". It's unfortunate that we can't see what "20+decor item" means, but it's easy enough to test - you put a plant, if it doesn't work, then it doesn't work - move on to paintings and statues.
  13. Buildings without a foundation should not give (positive)decor bonuses and be usable. Notably, the statues shouldn't give decor bonus like on the picture below(and they do - decor is around 250). Similarly, Storage containers and fridges should be unusable when missing foundations(dupes shouldn't be able to (both) load/unload stuff/ from them) This will incentivise players to play "by the rules" and not have such setups where things are unphysical(e.g. floating statues or fridges).
  14. Heat transfer is Cell-Cell - e.g. granite tile next to oxygen ( vacuum = 0) Cell-building - e.g. pipe and oxygen around it OR tempshift plate(counted as building) and oxygen around it ( vacuum = 0) Note there's no direct heat transfer between pipe and tempshift plate, even if they occupy the same square Cell-entity - debris/dupes + oxygen (vacuum => transfer with bottom cell with coefficient 1/4) Building-content - e.g. pipe + water inside So in case of vacuum, you're in bad luck! Only debris transfer heat, and they do it with 1/4 the speed of normal cell-entity transfer. Another case where transfer happens is sweeper-content(even if sweeper is in vacuum). So .. sorry to say, but I think that's intended behavior. There was a thread about cooling stuff near space recently, so you can read that too
  15. I posted it in the general discussion, but it should probably be here. Make a med bay with an Outhouse Dupes don't use the Outhouse when there are no patients - Outhouse is "assigned to Medbay" It should have a "make public"/"unassign from Medbay" option, or become public automatically when there are no sick dupes. Having to intentionally deconstruct doors/mess hall tables to break the medbay is definitely not a proper solution. I tried saving/loading - the outhouse still says "assigned to medbay" with no other available option. Here's a safe file - Ants C21 Cycle 23.sav
  16. Trying to choose a duplicant .. and getting Gastrophobic(can't cook) + Foodie(Cooking +3) .... so which one is it? Does he like cooking or dislike cooking? I accept the Food quality perception as a separate trait(foodie, sure), but cooking should be missing from the foodie trait or that trait shouldn't appear together with Gastrophobic. Seing them like that is misleading - I could have chosen Ashkan because he has +4 cooking ... and then surprise - he can't cook! Or at least for a Gastrophobic dude grey-out the cooking skill(same for non-diggers/builders/researchers), so the player can easily see that this activity is not available for that dupe, no matter if it's +4 or -6.
  17. @psusi Just submerge the aquatuner under water and use the water(liquid) to cool it - it won't flood!
  18. I just read a thread that suggested keeping only 1(or few) items per bin for performance reasons(5 heat transfers are worse than 1 heat transfer). I decided to try it myself and recently re-assigned all my bins to have 1-2-3 items. Reading this post scared me a little, since I didn't load the game since then, but after loading, all containers seem to have saved/loaded their settings properly, so the issue must be pretty specific. Note that I didn't use the check all option - my containers were already limited to store everything except eggs, slime, refined metal and seeds... What I did was to further forbid the majority of items, so that only granite + some rocks or clay are stored in each container. I have 50+ bins and did the settings on each separately(ughhhhhh the stupid scrolling and clicking !!! So annoying!). However, everything is saved and loaded properly for me. I'm just trying to say that it normally doesn't happen. It might be an issue with choosing "store all" option ... or maybe changing settings and quitting too fast, so the game doesn't have time to save the changes?
  19. I just tried turning off all sounds - it still crashes, so the problem either isn't caused only by the sound, or turning sound off doesn't solve it. Most probably it's just the fast switching that causes the crash, since those logic gates update ~10 times/second.
  20. This is valid at least for v. 279497. In this thread, as Brothgar showed in his video(24-25 min) and I later showed, the small/big Power transformers can provide up to 5/20kW if supplied by several power transformers. I'm going to post the pictures here as well: The big power transfomer draws 20kW! That means adding even 1 more consumer/power transformer to the middle circuit will overload it! As can be seen, the small Power transformer provides 5kW to the big power transformer. It should provide 1kW and the big Power transformer should draw only 4kW(and not up to 20kW)
  21. I know this is not a regular thing to build, but connecting the 2 ports of a NOT gate and then hooking it up to more NOT gates with max zoom in causes sound crash and a bit later game crash. I took this screenshot and a few moments later the sound bugged, then I deleted the logic gates(shift + X) and the game didn't crash, but sound isn't coming back. The point is - even a few logic elements crash the whole game, more precisely, the sound, which in turn crashes the game(at least that's my reading of the situation). I'm focused on the sound since it starts cutting and disappears first.
  22. Ah, I see now, I guess you have a point there, those pumps seem to be active! So how long were the pumps working? More than 1 sec after they deconstructed the wires? If yes, then it's a bug, I guess.
  23. Those wires are not destroyed, they are scheduled for deconstruction. A dupe must go there and deconstruct them. Until he does, they still exist.
  24. Here's a little theory about heat transfer, note that some things are outdated, but the general idea should be the same - cell-cell vs cell-building vs cell-entity! is perfectly normal - tile-tile transfer, both materials non-vacuum works, because the sweeper actually "touches" the materials, so there is direct contact, this is building-entity transfer(same for pipe-content) Ah, I did this last, now I remember - buildings transfer heat only to their cells => vacuum = no heat transfer behind them. I think this shouldn't work, because vacuum will block the heat transfer between the 2 buildings - Basically they transfer heat to the cell they occupy, but since it's vacuum, no heat transfer happens. So this is normal. Now I'm thinking how to actually cool those panels/sweepers. I'm levitating around tempshift plates, but they might still not work, since they're basically a building and transfer heat to the cell(vacuum => no transfer). Another idea might be using liquid. I'm not sure how space works(if liquid will flow down, or up, or disappear), but assuming it falls down, you can drip water on the panels. This should meant that the tile behind the building contains water instead of vacuum and heat transfer will start. Sweepers might be a bit harder, though, as they're "floating" around, so I'm not sure how water dripping on them works. Basically heat conduction works "as expected" - when there's direct contact - there's heat transfer. When there isn't - no heat transfer in vacuum.