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Suggestion dump for quality of life and etc

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Well, devs, these are suggestions gathered, and are quite same amongst most players, also been asked for maaany times (mostly)

  • Move to next recipe on production units if previous one lacks ingridients.
  • Make prioritization system moreintuitive - add task names(with descriptions) to buildings to know how to prioritize everything properly.
    For example - bottle emptier is unknown where, itis does not seem to be a critical hauling thing, and is not an actual storage unit, therefore its unknown how to prioritize it.
  • Temperature preservation and equlibrium - some... uhh.. most buildings just ignore input temperatures or dont move heat at all by just not conserving it, like processing metal ore in rock crusher gives steady hot results regardless of input temperature, and maany other examples that i dont want to list now
  • Using refined metals for normal buildings - refined metals are not different fromunrefined metals by any means, and there are no ways to get unrefined metals for now, making unrefined metals a precious source as these are used for most infrastructure buildings, otrif someone wants to feed smooth hatches - their foodstock is finite... its a game design flaw.
  • More detailed building, duplicant, whatever.... descriptions - for example: when building a new building you dont know how and what it takes in and how outputs - by vent/liquid pipe/releases, at what temperature, what influences worktime with it, what priorities it uses, also you dont know how heat actually transfers within building - nat gas generator for example


  • 1-tile doors PLEASE

My personal suggestion dump

  • Automated output of critter dropoff point
  • More detailed description(how much of what per dupe usage), for example - wash basins, ore scrubbers, hand sanitizers dont list how much resource they use per usage (there may be more things missed)
  • Wrangle critter eggs as well as critters or do not count an egg as a critter
  • Unify recharge treshholds like on smart battery on most? generators
  • Add internal automation to generators.
  • Critters should not be able to morph into critter type that cannot live in current conditions when in wild - bright exaple of this is pacu->gulp fish -> extinction due to temperature range.


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4 hours ago, vovik said:

processing metal ore in rock crusher gives steady hot results regardless of input temperature

This one actually makes sense. You need temperature to refine the metal. Think of it as an anvil. You keep hitting the metal until it gets hot. Some other examples like oil refinery is distillation so regardless of the input temperature it needs to get to a certian point to work so a fixed output makes sense. A bit less with the water sieve since distillation would remove germs in that case so it`s kinda awkward to how it works.


4 hours ago, vovik said:

Critters should not be able to morph into critter type that cannot live in current conditions when in wild - bright exaple of this is pacu->gulp fish -> extinction due to temperature range.

Imo for critters like this the chance should be much lower than 2% in unlivable scenarios and eggs should lose viability if conditions for the creature aren`t met. (hatch eggs in water, pacu eggs outside of water, eggs outside critter livable temp etc).

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I'm enjoying ONI a lot. Jumping in with a few small suggestions:

1. Fix spelling error in Tech Tree: Algae Distillers  description says "can convert slimeintoalgae"


2. Refined Copper is highly antimicrobial. Door panels, touchplates, floor sections, mesh tiles, pipes, and anything else made from copper should be a source of eradicating slimelung and food poisoning. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antimicrobial_properties_of_copper

3. Algae terrariums should slowly grow algae rather than consume it.


4. Along the lines of #3, there should be an option to have a larger algae pond for greater oxygen and slightly more algae production


5. Basic Research Station should be unpowered and buildable out of sandstone or partially not copper at least. The chemistry set that the basic station appears to be based off of is something from the late 1700s-1800s, and electrification broadly appeared right around 1900. Even today, high school chemistry labs mainly use natural gas lines for easy fuel, but little else other than a nearby waste disposal and water source.

6. The Jobs Board should be buildable out of anything. Requiring it to be made of copper seems silly and a large demand of resources early in the game. I think having to research the Jobs Board is a little silly too, but that's a lesser complaint.


7. Allow some sort of nutrient bar to be made out of algae, easy to make and better quality than dirt mush bar and better quality than liceloaf. Algae as food source will be limited of course by it's use in producing oxygen.


8. Allow for compressed air as a source of power, from a manual foot pedal pump or compression pipe built into the fire pole.


9.  small waterwheels built into water pipes to generate some power https://inhabitat.com/es-pipe-waterwheel-generates-hydroelectricity-every-time-you-turn-on-the-tap/


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