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Dupes really seem to like muckroot!!!

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This is more of a joke story, just something i observed while messing around with sandbox.

I built them a luxury hotel, with all luxury amenities, and gave them tons of great food. While i was setting up some gadgets in the mess hall while not breaking the stress relief bonus, i observed something very, very peculiar; the dupes were going off their way to grab muckroots and eating them, instead of eating the other good stuff right there.

Then they were talking crap... go figure :confused:

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that's why you need to set the food priorities straight - good food only for he good dupes .. so much micro management required ... priorities for actions ... for food, jobs, subpriorities for each task ... and I hate the sub priority control - how do i make sweeping all those dug up goodies priority 9 without clicking each individually?

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You select sweeping, set the subprioity, then choose a group of items with one mouse sweep. 

I tend to just have one specialized dupe who can only do tidy and storage and don't usually need to bother with manual sweeping 

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