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Re-using Your Purchased Game Key

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Wondering if the Devs might address being able to reuse your game key (Steam in this case) in Chrome an later in the PC version. (If you had a way to verify you where the original purchaser)This will come up as you get more users who want to play, let's say, at home and at work (during lunch of course!).Right now, I'm sitting on the Chrome screen for Account Information and there's a button that says "Get Steam Key". Doesn't do anything because I don't have Steam on this PC, but wondering...

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Your Google account and Steam account hold the CD keys when you attach them to the account. Once the key is attached it is your forever and cannot be separated from that account.

Not looking to 'separate'. That's the whole point. If they set up a verification server (as an example), they could tell you bought the game and off you go.
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