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It's only because of this map that I am writing this at all.

You've made a great game.

I hope to talk about all the things I love and dislike about the game. And figure out why I posted this.;)

It's broken into two parts. The first is seeds, though as the versions progress these seeds become less likely to work. The second part is the world seed I am currently attempting to play. (CU[ver.~274778])

I'm not going to release the world seed yet, I'm still playing it, discovering how to make it work. It was essentially the second board I rolled up with the intent to play specifically. It's hard to describe how lovely this board is, was, and still is to me. Visually stunning, in my mind. My intention is too devise a means of preserving the biome as it is, in perpetuity, forever. As it should be, it's magnificent and beautiful, almost majestic. Nothing I found since has come close, within orders of magnitude. Sincerely.

In the mean time, after introducing myself, and welcoming those of you who wish to comment now, and in the future. I will part with some incredible seeds that I stumbled upon so far. I've sifted through dozens looking for unique structures or formations, etc. Anything different and new, since I have not mastered the game enough to go in search of those places without sandbox assistance. I have made some progress and established a few long running bases. Nothing major.

But, I digress. The other stuff is for the other topics.

So, to start. One that I think is somewhat widely known~

1855804049 - One of the closest water geysers I've seen in game.

Then, these are ones that stood out through the randoms. I have more still.

1489667114 - My note says Steam geyser, should mean very close...

Two that are swamp heavy(I don't like)~

13835650 -

1630375751 -

And finally two hot ones~

1238503945 -

1426632899 - My note here says MANY geysers, so....;)

Good luck to any takers, I'd love to see your maps and bases, techniques, and tricks. Maybe some guidance. Thanks for having me!

A few more~






And finally one I found that may not be entirely legal is some sense.

This has a cy1 exit if you were able(i've not tried) and I think it's possible. A hard dig in cy 1 would take you outside the biome, not out to much, but the fact stands. The ring is distorted in the north quad, the formations align in a way that no miners app is needed to get out. It's just a straight dig. Is that 'legal' or would that be considered bugged?


Now about Luxury Cosmos. My favorite topic,

It has some of the best natural features I have seen on any board. The number of harvest-able crops is amazing. The highest I've seen or randomized in local boards. By leaps and bounds. Numerous chambers, almost all of them have at least one resident shinebug. One lonely tank of water. The rest of the water was randomly splashed about in the vast chamber at the top. It seems to have randomized three or so chambers in very close proximity. And the water from one is frozen in time suspended mid-air until you start the game. That's what creates the waterfall effect. Five shinebugs live in that chamber alone, incredible to watch, especially the first time I saw it. I was blown away. Another reason I was drawn to this map is the extensive lack of swamp biomes in my immediate vicinity. I rolled over and over to get that feature to begin. Having to reroll dupes each time was exhausting. The lack of water was a big concern.

The shinebugs and the beauty of this map is the only reason I'm still paying attention.

So far. [This is not what lands(rolls) each time, this is the max number I have seen appear for each iteration.]

Mealwood : 19

Bristle Berry : 23

These I pay less attention to, as they yield no long time crop.

Bluff Briars : 5-7?

Muckroot : 5-8?

Now, having played a few times, I now know the value of these natively planted crops. With no upkeep, you would be able to start a dirt cycle to build reserves for late game. As I hear, it becomes an issue. The difficulty in securing them in their native state is the trick. Sometimes valuable plots can get placed on time restrictive oxylite.

So, sad.;(

But, I'm trying to make it work.

This biome has the only scripted water fall I've seen, it stays contained in the Upper Atrium. Yes, I have named the areas. Lovingly so.

It compliments and completes the Lower Atriums art installation. But, it creates a water barrier and calm pool for the carbon dioxide, trapping some, while allowing the remainder to float around on it. I intend to fully automate the waterfall and make it free flowing, and to complete the overall effect. It will run from both Atrium's in the Upper Gallery, into and down through the Lower Gallery, where the, 'Anti-Gravity' art exhibit is showcased.

The majority of the shine bugs live happily in the Upper Atrium, but don't get fed much(enough). The ones in the Lower Atrium, and the lower and sub-floors do alright. After the first birth cycle there can be 15 shine-bugs on my screen. The sounds the dupes make in the Upper and Lower Gallery of the Upper Atrium are heart warming. All coos, and wonderment.

Like I've said, I love this map. Really the only reason I keep playing. After the shine of geysers wore off, and that you can't spawn them in the editor(why even have it?) ;). Which is difficult to work with. Alot of this is just lack of documentation. And will be fleshed out as a work in progress, I get it.

The seed also contains two Cool water steam Geysers and Natural Gas Geysers. Four in total two each.One mixed pair is located somewhat easily to the south and west of the starting biome.

In my current randomization I located a crude oil geyser, and a volcano. Both are located in the vicinity of the other visible mixed pair geysers.

These were the 'discover-ables', that must be physically revealed in game time. I believe those change with each new re-roll of the seed. So, those won't stay the same .



Playout is going okay. The build works. To the extent that I can play it out, 60 or cycles is what I get to right now before I identify the next major hurdle. I'm able to start digging the biome ring by the end of the 2nd cycle, start of 3. I've located my ideal breakout spots, and the hottest infringement from outer biomes. I am surrounded by warm biomes, with a singular swamp biome south of me. I have an ideal starting set-up where I disturb the least amount of the biome, get the critters feed, harvest my crops, try to save the oxylite crops, and finally keep hatches from eating my food. I have two tiles of slimelung in my cellar. This last play-through I found out they pollute after you dig them, that blows. So, still not sure what to do about that yet. most of the time it just sits there and is fine, this time I tiled them over. Not much going on down there but co2, compost, coal storage container. And the unfortunate berry or mealwood that lands down there. Think I'll try to leave them alone from now on. does fine sitting there doesn't seem to spread, even after 60 cy. But, it went airbourne this time, f that.


More than likely this seed will be wiped away, which is sad. I don't know if i'll use the retail ver...

I'm sure I'd like to play the finished product, probably will(if i'm around).

I've gotten pretty good at the open, the mid game is coming, got lots to learn.


Cy156 1dupe, no planters, still using outhouses, as good and bad as it has gotten yet. Eleven shine-bugs have made it until now, which is a relief. I hope that wrangling them will encourage them to propagate more vigorously. I haven't read that they can have have more than one baby, and I've not seen it in game.

I have 15? mealwood plants, twenty-ish berry plants, I've still not made a farm-station thingy/greenhouse to see if it helps berry production. From what I understand it doesn't effect mealwoods. I had a single hatch that was caught in a pdoor his whole life, sad. He turned into meat before I could figure a plan for him, then dinner. Not the best flora roll I've seen, and I lost a final berry to oxylite deterioration. The last on the board. I tried to save them, but I didn't make it a huge priority.

I also realize nothing I can do really will keep me from needing a temp farming solution. LC can support more than one dupe certainly, not sure about three. I played it so tightly until starvation finally won out over the three starting duplicants. At the last moment I ported in my fourth dupe and since has been pretty smooth sailing. A great relief in a way. A lot less stressful certainly. The best and worst thing to happen yet to the colony.

This play-through has been quite the experience.

Possibly will start again from the top again soon.

This will get updated.













cy180-ish Made some progress on a throw-away run on the discoverables. Three hot POI's, a non-performing cool steam vent, and the NG geysers that I had seen previosly.

I am gonna push to see what the others are soon.








It has begun. I have laid the footings of LC, this may not be my best run at it. But I feel this is the first time that counts, that it means something for the future of the colony.





Some very precious and cool sandstone. Research, it has cost me half my water supply, well from the tank. I'm not taking it from upstairs. That stays.

That's just the start of what I hope too see for this. Thank you, Klei.

So the restart had a small bump, they were working so hard. I knew something was wrong.capture_09032018_215357.thumb.jpg.a4ff0af637939023f647470c8f771e9d.jpgcapture_09032018_215808.thumb.jpg.faac2c14823da42021a2a1e0e96c84cf.jpg

It is still coming along. I am stuck for the next step. I wasted time with this build. There's no need for me to pursue so much research, and build as much as I did this time.


I run out of dirt in the current build at around cy70, I was actually able to let the colony run overnight, while I slept. They were all alive! The outhouses were defunct, and I will have used the last algae in the next turns, but the build was up and running still at cy80. Although I could begin to pick apart LC, I truly hope to avoid it. I need more dirt. My hope is that the sieve will help me solve that issue. Currently I wrestle with where, and how, to deploy that and the NatGas Gen. I need water. I need dirt. But, my algae is good actually.


I also happened to get a couple of different randomized gifts this map seed. The mushroom in the cellar/basement of LC this time. That doesn't land often. I've seen it rolled up just a handful of times, in the 30-so times I've rolled this map. Which is really great. Also there is a random wheezewort sitting outside a cold biome, readily grab-able. which is new to me and somewhat unique. And appreciated. I thought it might liquify the tiny CH pocket it sits in. But after it ran for 30cy and the temp didn't change I'm just gonna snatch it up. So, I have a WW with no need of a miner apprentice, on this seed. Which is pretty amazing. I stumbled on to the work/stamina/cot assignment bug. When the team finished completely the ring work by cy8 I knew something was wrong. A single block of oxylite taught me all about it. How and why, cot access works. It's a tremendous exploit. The earliest I had ever managed was like cy12-16. So, I reloaded. And maybe twice more since....  :) Ireally really wanna see the effects of 4, or so tons of 40 degree granite will do for me. I will likely start back at cy22. Make going for the cool stone, a top priority. The plants pretty much take care of themselves. I wanna see if I can get to the granite while it is maybe 10 degrees colder. Maybe at freezing even. That'd be nice.

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If they(we) are going to make a proper seed generator....

POI's~ #of, non-existent, four corner squares, rings, triangles, type, production, cycles, duration's, closest, furthest.

Allow players to stretch the ring to the map edges or upwards. Make the ring an ellipse, a square, a rectangle.

I'd like to be able to make it(the biome ring) wider by like 10, or for those braver of heart, a width of 1 or 2. Create a slider.

The types of material it consists of.

Allow us to modify the flora nodes that already appear. I'd like to increase my chance of MW, and BB in the nodes that I know appear each time. Allow me to discard MR, or BlB?(BluffBriars) [what is the short hand for bluff briar?] If I want to only allow 5 of the nodes to be given up to MR's and BR(BluffBriar).

How about a wave graph like an equalizer? In each column a different plant species, a critter species, etc.? Adjust it according too taste.

How far either zone impedes the other. 0-100 absolutely no infringement- too deep infringement.( I hate seeing slime in my biome)

How about overall temp? Distribution? Avg Mean. Largest variance,etc..

Resource %'s

How about being able to dictate the density of the resources that you have available? In the editor pretty much anything in the starting biome is half of it's possible density. I've gone through and manually filled maxing the density of my biome. Why not give me the option?

Want double the flora and fauna? fine. Want none? great. Double the water? Half? go for it...

Crossover elements - Allow the other elements to appear in other pockets, veins, seams on the map. Why are all of the elements tied fundamentally to it's biome? I mean I do get it, and some do get that treatment I have seen sandstone, and sand sometimes get to play about on the board. The oxylite corkscrew. But, I also don't get it. Why not allow copper to appear elsewhere, or gold? Or more dirt? The amount of wolframite seems scarcely negligible comparatively to the other metals. Give the ig rock a break, and the phos, and allow for better intersperse of raw materials. Allow us regulate the variety of striations. It is way to predictable that giant blobs of ig stone and iron will dominate the caustics. Add the other metals to the cold biome, why not a slim chance for most any? The boundaries and distance between the individual biomes seems large to me. I feel there would be a bit more bleed-over throughout the map, to slightly more evenly distribute resources.

Want all co2? get some...Or gas-less! As the bug showed today the gas-less map is playable. I'd love to see the gas voided maps that were generated with the update.

Crystalline zones, more temperate zones(like the home biome, but sprinkled into the map), the number and size of caverns in the home biome,  etc. etc

  • Zinc(refined)
  • Nickle
  • Quartz
  • Pulp

A menu similar to a storage container for the ruins.

  • AETNs,
  • Vasillators,
  • misc small ruins,
  • ruin debris, etc. will they appear in caustic or cold biomes, or swamp, etc.(as POI above)

Thickness of the Abyssalite arms and shoulders running through the world.

as per another poster, the ability to dismiss maps based on # of resource tiles available.

Lastly, functionality and descriptive notes or memos on the load game, the menu should include the seed #, indicate if it is a sandbox, and a thumbnail picture of the map.


I understand the reluctance to allow people to create the greatest map(rolling, or re-rolling), but in the long run it won't matter. The idea is, you should want anyone too experience the game. And that entails,'playing it for yourself.'. It is also feasible to add a downside to selecting a great map. As a counter balance. There are methods to add contrarian components to make for balanced games. Granted people could simply refrain from restricting themselves. Extra algae costs waster, or dirt, really nice POI's means less overall water, or less ig. rock means more slime. Who knows. More fun will be had by all with options, imo.

Other elements would be nice also. It has been mentioned ad-nausem. I think nickle should be a material to offset some of the mass in the caustic biome. break up the long veins of phos and ig rock.

But my feelings about the biomes is they are too prone to vast open spaces, the cold biomes rarely have any substantial mass to maintain themselves and normally are just big open pockets. I mean I could mine up 3kg of snow for a cup of tea. Typically very little metal ore. The things with mass never seem to support the overall structure of the biome. The caustic biome has an over abundance of phosperhite and igneous rock. Jesus, so much ig rock. The amount of sandstone seems minuscule compared too what is on the map. The amount of co2 in the home biome typically seems excessive to me. The oxygen low. Flora is almost always scarce. Fauna sometimes worse. The algorithm regularly jeopardizes many different types of objects, biomes, species, flora, and the stability of almost anywhere, anything lands. Swamp biomes need more algae comprising it's make up. The probability that species will die out before utilization seems unreasonably high.

I troubled that with LC seemingly, I am stuck with such limited future prospects for resources. Granted I am choosing not dig up most of my copper by choice, and you don't really need sandstone to build, I mean what else would ig rock get used for, but gold and copper will be scarce for me. And the two iron volcanos are nice, but 2? And then a pair of minor volcanos that will produce what? (surprise ig rock! yay.) Admittedly I don't yet know what the remaining buried object is. But my prospects feel dulled a bit.

On a personal note, I really wish oxylite did not lay down in pads on the floor, where plant nodes are. I get the occasional ball here or there, but lets keep that stuff in the ceiling where it belongs. That element needs more rules.

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On 7/15/2018 at 5:34 AM, Slvrsrfr said:

Now, having played a few times, I now know the value of these natively planted crops. With no upkeep, you would be able to start a dirt cycle to build reserves for late game. As I hear, it becomes an issue. The difficulty in securing them in their native state is the trick. Sometimes valuable plots can get placed on time restrictive oxylite.

So, sad.;(

But, I'm trying to make it work.

Don't tell me you plan on keeping them native ? What? You left it grow like that ? It's wayyyyy slower than plating and maintaining them (If you don't have food issue it's fine then). and dirt was issue if you use it on mealwood for entire game without changing food source.

On 7/15/2018 at 5:34 AM, Slvrsrfr said:

After the shine of geysers wore off, and that you can't spawn them in the editor(why even have it?) ;).


Actually you can but can't in sandbox mode.


Use debug mode instead and use paint tool

and I made this guide long time ago




On 7/15/2018 at 5:34 AM, Slvrsrfr said:

I found out they pollute after you dig them, that blows. So, still not sure what to do about that yet.

Use door and spam deodorizer ?

On 7/15/2018 at 5:34 AM, Slvrsrfr said:

it went airbourne this time, f that.

I know this feeling when I don't seal it :D.

You should attach some pic to make it more easy to understand.

But what am I reading ? a story in your base ? or a game suggestion ? This might placed in a wrong thread.

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On 7/21/2018 at 1:00 PM, SackMaggie said:

Don't tell me you plan on keeping them native ? What? You left it grow like that ? It's wayyyyy slower than plating and maintaining them (If you don't have food issue it's fine then). and dirt was issue if you use it on mealwood for entire game without changing food source.

  Reveal hidden contents

Actually you can but can't in sandbox mode.

  Reveal hidden contents

Use debug mode instead and use paint tool

and I made this guide long time ago




Use door and spam deodorizer ?

I know this feeling when I don't seal it :D.

You should attach some pic to make it more easy to understand.

But what am I reading ? a story in your base ? or a game suggestion ? This might placed in a wrong thread.

Hey, thanks.

Yeah, I will use them to open the map up, explore. Too propel the colony forward, I realize it won't support that many.

I intend to survive exclusively on non-upkeep flora, if I can and to what degree I can. I understand this road to mastery is fraught with misery hardship, and heartache. But, it's the map... it kinda calls for it. It wants to be a preserve. This save I think I have 18 berry plants and as many mealwood. I can eat good. And eventually be dirt positive, and build a nice cache of it for later game.

I really wanna honor it by maintaining it as best I can. I've recently gotten my opening footprint to be really tiny. I end up excavating maybe less than 200 tiles in my home biome, somewhere around there. I'm able to get my jobs board up by the end of cy2. And I can start working on the biome ring, for my breakout points, heat infringement control. Typically there are 1-2 plants in jeopardy of seeding-up if I don't mitigate the wall heat around them.

It's my inherent aversion to pollution after years of simcity and the like. I want nothing to do with that, and/or those biomes. But, I now also realize it's what they want. They seem to love the idea, they built alters to slime, germs, the swamp biome. Stupid flying fish and junk. Whatever. I'll deal with that stuff later. Really, I just burn through the hours(saves) going with a build until I understand what kills it. Rinse. Repeat. The curve is steep here. And the time sinks deep.

Like I say, the slime was only an issue this time because I fooled with it. Typically I leave it where it lies and it's never an issue. Only because I dug it up did it create problems. I dug a hole threw tile over it and drove on. Which was the intent, but I did not know that they actively bubble. That troubles me deeply. No worries, that save is already worthless and I have moved on two iterations from that. So, no worries. I just avoid slime period. I'm aware of the deodorizers. It is only two tiles of slime in the bottom cavern, not really an issue.

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Sweep for type is a desperately needed function in this game. If the sweep function opened a menu similar to the storage container it would be more useful.

The arrow key panning speed needs a slider.

Enable arrow key navigation of menus, in game, and for game.

Enable ESC to exit game.

In game journal.

Load menu should be more informative.

Seed#, Sandbox, thumbnail, total game time(hours played). Any pertinent game settings, 'No sweat','Survival', hunger/stress/germs. It should allow for the renaming of files.

The game clocks should synch-up, the game should start at 0, players shouldn't lose time because the game is starting. The in game clock should be active, or clickable, to show, drop-down, or highlight the actual in game time, and the actual game time played.

Calories are sometimes lost when dupes must recover breath, or bathroom breaks.

Create a 'Garage for Dupes', after spending precious time rolling worthwhile dupes, allow us to put them in a garage to be used for starting new games..Don't make us re-roll every time we want to play a map. Who cares if the same dupes get used over? Make the game, and my life easier. Allow us to groom a stable of good starter candidates, that are a goto bench of in-game assets for us to manage.

This I cannot stress enough. Don't make me reroll for 30min. to get a halfway decent starting crew.


Wanna spend some time rolling out a great artist?, Fine, go for it. Not to be used for additional cycles(unless that's a feature, or reward you want to incorporate) But, for the starter crew let us pick from the already established group.

Slower/Faster game speeds.

The problem with like foods stacking, then being consumed en~masse by the stopid dupes. Two muckroots stacked together must be tediously, and manually separated if it is to be two meals. Fix that please!

And need I mention the jobs board, so mushy, so fraught with scripting errors. I cannot decisively un-assign dupes from jobs, not in my experience. I know people will say it works great no issues. That is not my experience. The jobs board menu is a nightmare. It's so 'mushy', I can press a button, nothing, for a minute, then maybe a menu. It's bad. So bad. I avoid trying to use it at all. Only for what I need. But, it's a pretty big part of my chosen path, I need to be able to access it, easily and effectively. Which is impossible at the moment in it's current state. I depend heavily upon the ability to un-assign them to avoid the stress trap, and to prevent certification, until I am ready. I train them through all to 90%, and then move on. I've not made it yet to the point that I can allow someone to become fully accredited. It's not worth the hassle. Keep them stupid and keep them digging.

A world-wide sub-priority reset button, or sub-menu, like the cancel menu. With filters. It would default at 5.One filter could be for things that have been adjusted by the player, one could be for plants that players planted, one for all things, etc..

That's all for now, thnxxx! ;)

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Oh, man. So I started a game tonight just too simply enjoy the game. Not with some big plan in mind, no concern for the biome in particular. And it was so freeing, really a relief...  :)

Made me enjoy the game again abit more. All the terrible lessons I've learned up til now, watching streamers, reading the forums, trying, reloading, rage quitting, rage deleting, reworking, weeping internally, and mild elation.

But to just play was great. I must say. Came along great, a fun seed, not much swamp... a seed I'd been waiting to play. And although it is in sandbox, I'm having a blast. It feels simple.


Also I see that the numbers being shown on screen for food stuffs are showing weights as opposed to cal counts. So 1000g of X = 600cal of food?

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More and different lighting options.

One i think should be available is a tile by tile grow light type in the food section. Similar in idea to florescent(sp?) lights, tube lighting. Possibly with less heat output?

A wild glow light. Made and maintained by phosphorescent materials from the screen, map, the 'world'. Planted in a decor(furniture) planter, like half the light area of regular light, but decent decor, and minimal upkeep. Just the raw material. Possibly different light options. Green, red, yellow, blue, etc.

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Liquid/Gas Piping-Storage:

1) Any white input will pull from a pipe with priority. 

2) Any green output will lose priority to anything in the destination pipe, but will top off a not full packet if the element matches. 

3) Pipes running in 2 (or more) directions from a white output will go down each pipe sequentially. If one pipe is full, it's turn is skipped giving the flow for the pipe that was skipped to the next pipe in the sequence. 


  In this example the last vent on the line has top priority.


Gas pipe can transfer up to 1000g of gas, so to fully utilize the pipes two Gas Pumps are necessary.

  • Normal Decay Rate: Oxygen, Carbon, Iron, Mercury, Natural Gas, Tungsten, Void
  • Sterile Atmosphere: CO2, Chlorine, Copper, Gold, Helium, Hydrogen, Propane, Rock Gas, Steam, Steel, Vacuum
  • Pollution Exposure: Polluted Oxygen, Phosphorus

Resource Materials:




Polluted Water:

- Petroleum Generator 1250g/s   - Algae Terrarium 290.33g/s   - Carbon Skimmer 1000g/s   - Algae Distiller 400g/s   - Natural Gas Generator 67.5g/s   - Lavatory 11.7kg/use   - Shower 29kg/use   - Sink ~5kg/use


Dirt is a finite resource and can be produced via melting Fertilizer or evaporating Polluted Water

Example: (thnx quasar)

Dupes go to the toilet once per cycle. That's 5 kg Polluted Water from the sink and 11.7 kg from the lavatory. I'm not sure the exact numbers from the shower, but they're not high. Let's be generous and say 10 kg. That's 26.7 kg per dupe.

A water sieve processes 5kg Polluted Water into 5kg Clean Water and 200 g dirt, so your 26.7 kg polluted water becomes a bit more than 1 kg polluted dirt per cycle.

A mealwood plant needs 10 kg dirt per cycle. 10 dupes waste can support 1 mealwood plant.










  • One AETN and a loop of granite pipe filled with polluted water will keep a medium? sized base under 30c. Abysalite pipes through areas you don’t want to cool. The AETN room is 4-5 times the size of the AETN with sealed abysalite walls, filled with hydrogen, granite tempshift plates, and snaked with granite pipe.
  • If you insert 99C water into electrolyzer you get 70C Oxygen which has lower specific heat & lower absolute temp. If you Feed 120C polluted water into sieve you get 40C water reducing heat massively. Algae Distiller good for cooling because of its 30C polluted water output.
  • You can however run hot clean water through a carbon skimmer,  changing it into 40C polluted water.  Then heat that polluted water to cool other stuff. Then run hot polluted water through the sieve and get 40C clean water back. More involved but does a lot of heat removal.
  • Only polluted water that is actually cleaned gets the temperature reset. If you pump in clean water it comes out at the exact same temperature it entered at.
  • Steam Geyser O2~send it to a co2 scrubber first, comes out 40c pwater, pipe that back through the steam geyser room with some radiant pipes before sending it to the sieve.
  • Say you have a weezewort somewhere: it actually only cools the gas in the tiles immediately connected to it (so, one to the left and one to the right of it). So it is not uncommon to see a "very cold" area in the immediate vicinity of the weezewort, but still pretty hot two tiles away. If you were to add tempshift plates around your weezewort, the cooling effect would be more equally distributed: this would in effect mean that the tiles immediately next to the weezewort are actually cooled less, but the cooling effect "propagates" faster.
  • You always want to use a material with very good thermal conductivity for tempshift plates. That way, you ensure that the temperatures "propagate" faster (but be careful, this is true for both cold and hot air). Depending on how fast you want this propagation to be, the best materials to use are (from the best and hardest to obtain, to the easiest and most abundant):
  • - diamond - best in game
    - refined metal (iron is the worst of them but still very good)
    - granite - not very high thermal conductivity in comparison, but good for non-critical areas.

  • Heat tends to travel up and cold tends to travel down, regardless of the medium involved.  Fluids, such as water, tend to distribute heat more quickly and evenly, so this isn't always observed.

  • petroleum generator generates 750 g/s of polluted water, at whatever temperature the petroleum generator is currently.  That could be cold, or hot.  If you keep the pet gen at -200 C, it will drop -200 C dirty ice. Using that initial amount of -20 C dirty water to cool the petroluem generator, the petroleum generator now generates 750 g/s of pretty dang cold polluted water, from nowhere.  It won't be exactly -20 C, but it will be close enough so that cooling the pwater output back to -20 C with an aquatuner will only require you to run the aquatuner like 10-20% of the time.  If you divert like 250 g/s of that newly generated dirty water into the aquatuner tank, and heat the pwater up to 90 C or so there, that will easily be more than enough heat sink to dump all the heat into. The fix is to throttle the petroleum into the generator so that very little petroleum sits in the generator at any one time, only what the generator needs to keep running

  • Since the temp shift plates are 800kg they act as large sinks as well.

  • Supplement (heat clamping on building materials) Building with hot or cold materials has a temperature threshold.

    For material which belongs to Liquifiable catalog(eg. snow, ice, Pice), the range is -∞~45C

    For material which doesn't belong to Liquifiable catalog, the range is 15C~45C

    45C=113F 15C=59F

  • NatGas can be burnt at any temperature above where it turns into liquid methane, there is no lower bound.

  • Gold has the smallest thermal conductivity and a small heat capacity. Wolframite has a high thermal conductivity but the lowest heat capacity out of all the raw ores, while iron and copper are somewhere in the middle with the thermal conductivity (obviously much lower than wolframite), but have a much higher heat capacity (0.386 (DTU/g)/*C for copper ore, 0.150 (DTU/g)/*C for gold amalgam).
  • So the advice is simply always using the hottest water you have for electrolyzing.
  • The problem with CO2 for cooling is the ultra low SHC. If you for instance want to cool water with it then the CO2 will heat up ~5K for every 1K the water temperature drops using the same mass. So 39g of -51.1C CO2 will cool 39g of 40C water to about 25C
  • https://oxygennotincluded.gamepedia.com/Guide/Heat_Transfer





RESEARCH POINT TYPE = Alpha:BASE RESEARCH SPEED = 1.16 kg/sec = 0.0232 point/sec (*):MIN RESEARCH SPEED = 0.2 kg/sec (?): MASS PER POINT = 50 kg;: INPUT MATERIAL = Dirt: CAPACITY = 750 kg:(*) 50 kg = 1 point, then 1.16 kg = 0.0232 point

RESEARCH POINT TYPE = Beta:BASE RESEARCH SPEED = 0.83 kg/sec = 0.0166 point/sec (*): MASS PER POINT = 50 kg:CAPACITY = 750 kg:INPUT MATERIAL = Water;:(*) 50 kg = 1 point, then :0.83 kg = 0.0166 point





In looking at this it could fit 3 tables also. It may fit inside LC.

Duplicant 'Pee Pee' points:





  • If you are willing to engineer around their labor costs, algae terrariums can be an effective way to clean germy water early on. Terrariums transfer germs to outputted oxygen, but this isn't really a problem as they die off much faster there than in water. If the germs are food poisoning, the health risks are minimal (dupes won't get sick from inhaling) unless there is a large amount of pO2 floating around.
  • Carbon skimmers are also able to convert germy water into clean pW, though their throughput is too low to rely on them exclusively





Colony Inspiration:



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Some clarity in the construction categories. While we have plumbing and medicine the overlap seems to me to call for a specific group.

I propose using a hygiene heading for the showers and basins, outhouses, etc. separating these two from plumbing and medicine, it seems to cause endless confusion in watching twitch players.

I'd like to see a drag and crop window that displays the effects of overlays inside the box, like x-ray vision. And you could drag that box into a window, to use.

Or maybe like the decoder squares we used to get in cereal, move it around to see stuff.

And I want the graph the shows when build ladders to show on my cursor, when I need it. :) !

Also an in game calculator-type interface that informs players about conversions, output, similar to the onicalc webpage. But also simplifying some of the complicated maths I see people doing here in the forums.

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Gas masks. Not sure if this has been proposed. There is a step between holding your breath, and full on exo-atmo suits. A lower tech version.

On 7/31/2018 at 3:51 AM, he77789 said:

Anyone tried Solar for the Printer?

I'm not sure, as far as i know it won't produce enough light.

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Inform people that the placement of ladders implies and includes the dig command. Every day I see people dig, then construct ladders. And every time they are thankful when I tell them it's a combined function.

Rebar should be a in-game researchable item. It could be used for reinforced versions of different structures. Possibly tougher versions of rebar with different materials. All the way up too steel(Iron, copper, gold, etc). Reinforced tiles, sturdy ladders, Heavy(Insulated?) Pitcher Pump, etc.. Maybe on par with conductive wire in research terms, or insulated piping. Rebar can used in a variety of applications.

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A competitive style of play? Oxygen Unincluded

The cycle clock will run down from some agreed point(1000cy, 200cy, 100cy, etc.) and players are awarded points for advancement, exploration, etc in the time allowed.

Preservation 'mode/style?' where the initial starting densities of soils are increased, and some sort of penalty is incurred for disturbing too much soil.

I can also see benefits and possibilities in a multiplayer setting. I feel it has potential.

A radar to uncover the unexplored sections?


Nano bots, in this world of tech. How is it that nano tech is not in here somewhere?


We have plastic but no galoshes, atmo suits, but not work boots.

How about wet shoes? Not super terribly technologically advanced.


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A fullness bar on Algae Deoxydizer. A visual indicator of how much is left.

More intuitive tool tips.

   ~edge-of-screen issues(although I like hiding them off the right hand side).

   ~Example of the worst offender is the lights tool tip. It is blocking the viewable area. You know that the light goes down, and only down, why did you put the tool tip right there? I forget every time until I play. Silly.

  ~ Don't have it appear in the space you are trying to work in. If using pipe or wire make the shadow box translucent. make them(it) appear a bit further away.

   ~Possibly it disappears when you are holding the mouse button, engaging the terrain.

  ~ Include the art work like described the thread from weeks ago.


Sidebar Menu Sub menus(Right side)

~ Make it so the unused/unavailable items have a secondary drop down menu arrow for things in each category that are nul. Too many things listed taking valuable screen real estate that have no value.

  ~ Create Tabs on the side bar menu for Building/Structure Inventory(lists all your structures).

  ~ Put the dupes vitals in a tab, as a rolling index.

  ~ A critter list/ inventory



Double Clicking Units/Items/Buildings, as a group, similar things on the screen should be available by double clicking the same units.

Pan & Hold

 Instead of making us click and drag over and over utilize the hold and pan for the right mouse click also. Like simcity. So we can use both methods.

On/Off~Red/Green Electrical Switches~ Can we have the same red for switches in the off position as we have for warning indicators. Closer to fire engine red. The green could be a touch more brilliant .Or add a brighter stripe, for emphasis.

Dupe Feeding Menu, a similar sub-menu as the microbe musher. Allows the user to target the next meals. Or on the duplicants bio at the bottom. Click the box, then click the item you want them to eat, up to four or whatever.

Calorie Slider~ Dupes need a caloric restriction slider if we can't differentiate for quantities.


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The help book should (show)tell you what materials things can be built with.

It should tell(show) you what inputs there are. The electrical picture, the plumbing picture, all of the overlay information should be readily apparent and comprehensible. All of those illustrations should accompany each and every entry in the codex. Why would you do it otherwise, only but too(?) grief players?

It should tell(show) you what outputs there are. FOR EVERYTHING.

Specifically. What materials it can be constructed with, and how much. What materials it expects to use, any optional ones. And how much of each. And each entry should specifically state what materials will be produced by the structure.

Whether or not it can be submerged. Can it function in a vacuum. Will it need a floor. Does it need power.

Create some simple gif's to illustrate hook-up/placement.

More information is better.


Another way the game could add layers is to allow for the refinement and improvement of existing tech and buildings.

There should be levels of advancement within a singular tech limb.

Manual generators that provide .1% more at lvl.1 up to ten levels.

Make the things I have more effective and/or efficient. Batteries that store a little more, stay a touch cooler. Allow the ability to improve techniques, such as things may cost less resources to construct in the future. It operates a bit longer. It stays functional in hotter water. Etc... the options are endless. I think you are overlooking a huge open ground for innovation.


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Outhouses have logic issues, imo.

The outhouse will take 200kg of dirt it gives you 100kg back. If you clean it early you lose the remaining dirt. Deleting dirt from the game. In the games favor. The outhouse is a huge dirt sink. That is not openly discussed or revealed.

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I've noticed that if you deconstruct the starter objects they are not discoverable resource types. The ration box, and the single obsidian tile are different than the mined types. And are not recognized as different or new, even unusual.

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Some sort of planning or layout overlay would be nice, a canvas to work on without making changes to the map. Not entirely certain of it's capabilities. A blueprint overlay that could be superimposed on the gameboard.

In fact why not have individual overlays for each segment of operation. A working electrical overlay, a structural working overlay, plumbing, venting, etc.

Researching some type of drafting table wouldn't be unusual, i suppose either. To allow the function.

A Transit Overlay that dims the board and highlights only doors. Color coded for permission doorways, maybe yellow for door with active permissions, red for doors that are blocked to any duplicant. The ability to activate by double clicking, all the doors on the screen. A collective navigation plot that shows where the transit paths of all duplicants ends and starts. So you would visually see lines that stop at doors.

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The latest attempt has me trying to locate the discoverable objects buried.

I think I'm disappointed so far. I don't know how to feel about 2 volcanoes and a leaky oil vent.. I just don't know the practical uses for them so far. Some, just not big picture long term. I have studying to do, and thinking to reconsider.

I pushed poor Liam, he worked very hard too get to the other objects. I guess it will take two more sessions to finally reveal all of the POI's on the seed. I am really hoping for metal or slush. There are about 4-5 left to uncover.

LC VentsGeysers.jpg


8/18~ Getting closer





Final reachable discoverable is a steam geyser. Seems to be quite active, 2k g/s.

The geyser beneath the colony had been inactive as I maneuvered around it trying too(?) avoid activating it. It has already begun to impact the surrounding area, fortunately burning off SL. I want to save the mushrooms around it. There are like twelve. That's alot of free food. I've begun to reach for the upper buried objects. And should have them identified soon.






I am definitely concerned that the abyssalite is compromised in several places along the oil biome. At least two of the cold biomes are doomed. Probably two more for compromises in the rings. And the hardest working wheezewort in all of showbiz.

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Finally made it to all the spots that are reachable. One buried object is out of my reach for the time being, being in the Oil biome, without the suits I can't get to it. But, almost all the luxuries of this cosmos have been revealed. Thank you, Klei!

Now, to figure out how to play this seed and develop it correctly. There is also a steam Geyser in the bottom left not pictured for some reason. Pretty sure I had a pic of it. But, I will at some point complete the map, analyze the POI's, uncover the AETN's. I believe there are 4 Vascillators on the seed. Thankfully the surface is not ruined in this outdated version. I even have a semi-covered 'vent' into space. I feel like I should be attempting to freeze my excess co2, in dupe-made cold biomes. If not mistaken the chlorine I have on the map is it. It can't be created any other way, I will eventually I suppose break all of the biomes down, including the bleach stone. My intent however is to allow all of the things to continue as they are, for as long I can allow. This seems like a relatively 'cool' map, cold is winning in alot of locations. While some of the cold biomes seem doomed to dissolution. I've not counted the entire available stock of WW's. Seems like I could stock up on sleet wheat for some time. Slime may become pretty scarce in thinking about it. Most of it will, or would, be burned or frozen in large part. I also have not counted the available stocks of other fauna to see what my inventory is going forward. I have maybe 10 shinebugs left. I've not even begun to farm hatches. I have glossy drecko's from the wild. Seems to be enough thimble reeds and Balm Lilly to suffice for the mean time. I did not entirely see my dirt cycle get closed. The research demands quite a bit. I've not counted what all it requires. I'd love to see a spreadsheet. Or more information included* But once the majority of the research had been completed it did kinda level off in a slow decline.





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I didn't separate my saves before I restarted at cy3. I lost all my progress beyond cy183? That's tough to swallow. Please, please, please make the save menu more functional. Like 50cy of exploration undone. I know it's my fault for playing over it, not saving it. That doesn't make it suck any less. That was hours of playtime, over a couple days....


Yup, knocks my gameplay back to what i posted on 8/12, bleh.

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