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This mod has been killing me inside.

I genuinely dont know how to fix it. I get crap like this, but only on the front view


and when i try to fix it-



Please, for my sanity, please tell me how to fix this. there are two other people who want one of these from me and oh my god i just want this done

i have remade this five times

save me



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I only touched one or two of the images (i resized them) and the compiler didnt like that at all. so i checked the esctemplate's images and changed the resolution back to the original 300x300. I'm not sure why it won't compile even after they've been resized back to their original resolution

1 hour ago, Cunning fox said:

Something messed up with your images themself. Make shure tey are in png format and the're not too big/small

Edit: I checked out the headbase_hat folder and i noticed one of the image previews was slightly larger than the others. The skull (electrocuted) sprite was 250x227, and so was headbase_hat-4.  I'll double check these images with the esctemplates, and resize them if i need to. If this works, how would I go about fixing the deformed sprite?

edit 2: it didnt work

Edited by toasterbathbomb
not enough detail
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15 hours ago, Lumina said:

Usually this come when you change dimensions of the original files. I don't know how to fix it, sadly. But if you don't change dimensions, it should be ok ? I hope so...

Alright, thank you a lot for your help. Do you know a tutorial or a guide i could reference to fix the deformed sprite problem?

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