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  1. im interested in getting more into the technical aspect of creating custom characters (special abilities and items, custom animations, custom pets, etc) but i'm having trouble finding up to date guides/tutorials and i've had zero luck finding any documentation. other than whats in the pinned threads, does anyone have anything that could be of any help? thank you!
  2. every time i try to run a mod of mine, as soon as i hover over the character on the select screen, i get this error. (att 1) when hitting Retry or Abort, the game closes. When i press Ignore, the characters bigportrait goes black. (att 2) i was never having this issue previously, the bigportrait showed perfectly fine and i never encountered this error. i've recompiled all animations, remade the tex files, and i cant find what the root of this issue is. please, if anyone knows how to fix this, please tell me. i am completely lost. attached is the client log and the mod files client_log.txt
  3. boost! i only need a basic idea on how id go about getting this working- abigail and wendy have so much in their prefab files that without documentation, i dont have a clue on how to correctly get this to function
  4. hello! im interested in creating a character that can either : a) use abigails flower or b) a character that has a custom pet that works JUST LIKE abigail, but uses custom spriting. i found this thread from a few years ago, but considering the events that have taken place the past few years, as well as the full Wendy rework, i figured it would be best to ask for guidance here. the WIP files of my mod are here- it uses WX-78's prefab file, so i'm unsure if it will cause any issues. this is my first post on the sub in a few years- so any help is greatly appreciated! thank you!
  5. @joonieboy You need to recompile your animations, because it looks like your game isnt doing that for you. Take your exported folder and drag and drop it into this compiler, and it should work. If it says that you're missing an image, but you arent really, check and make sure your filename is correct. compiler.cmd