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  1. Game crashing for unknown reason (mod)

    bump, please if anyone can help me out, i really need to fix this
  2. Game crashing for unknown reason (mod)

    Understandable. I got this error after updating the bigportrait when it was perfectly functional before, do you know why?
  3. Game crashing for unknown reason (mod)

    I apologise, this mod has so many problems popping up for no reason. Do you have an easier way i can get ahold of you, maybe a discord account?
  4. Game crashing for unknown reason (mod)

    Ok, i followed your instructions for another mod of mine, and i got the crash linked to the size of the names_jock.tex file, so i changed it to the dimensions you changed it to, but it went back to crashing with the same error the toasty mod used to have. Do you know why? my bigportraits file has the correct element name, but it still says it has problems. Uhp nevermind, i fixed it! Thank you so much for your help, i really appreciate it!!
  5. Game crashing for unknown reason (mod)

    Ok i remade the mod and used the .tex and the .xml you sent, and i have no idea what you did but it made both the name AND the bigportrait appear, how did you do that? I've had a weird problem before where the bigportrait wont appear, and you somehow fixed it? what did you do?
  6. Game crashing for unknown reason (mod)

    Legit just gonna remake the mod at this point lol Thanks for your help though!
  7. Game crashing for unknown reason (mod)

    an instant crash as soon as i hover over the mods icon, with the same error. i have no idea whats wrong with it
  8. Game crashing for unknown reason (mod)

    what is this?
  9. Game crashing for unknown reason (mod)

    ugly screaming
  10. Game crashing for unknown reason (mod)

    it instantly crashed again.
  11. I changed the names_[character].png to match my friends character name, and i converted it to a .tex file and everything, but now every time i hover over the character in the select screen, the game instantly crashes, leaving this error in the log: the notes file in the template says to do the following: i do this, and the game still crashes and I dont know why. i've attached the mod, and if anyone knows whats wrong and how to fix it, please let me know mod.rar
  12. @joonieboy You need to recompile your animations, because it looks like your game isnt doing that for you. Take your exported folder and drag and drop it into this compiler, and it should work. If it says that you're missing an image, but you arent really, check and make sure your filename is correct. compiler.cmd