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[Game Update] - 277370

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  • Developer
  • Fixed bug where overriding a World’s Event setting did not apply to Caves.
  • Fix a bug where some players would get the "Unable to connect to leaderboard server" message on every match.
  • Fixed Woodie’s Trader's Furs icon.

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  • Developer
3 minutes ago, Clwnbaby said:

What happens to our leadboard entries that didn't make the leaderboard?  I mean Im not in first but I should be higher than I am


For the players who frequently saw the "Unable to connect to leaderboard server." message, unfortunately we will not be able to restore the scores.

For the players who received the "Tournament Entry" badge but do not see their scores showing up, we are still working on it and there is a good chance the data will be recoverable.

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