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Stables Connected to Space

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I have been thinking:  What would happen if you exposed a stable to space in such a way that it didn't depressurize?  I know that even a large room will eventually overcrowd if you have enough animals in it, it just takes more.  So, I have built a stable that is technically exposed to space to find out what would happen.  Would all the area above the asteroid be considered a stable (EDIT by which I mean would it count all the space for the slicksters or cap out, not whether it will be a room)?  How many slicksters could I have?  Well, here are the results:

Everything was built in debug mode, but it could all have been built in survival mode.  It just would have taken a long time.

First of all, here is my stable. 



The opening to the side has a 1 tile water lock that holds the gas in so it doesn't vent to space.  Then there is a gas lock that holds in the CO2 in so that the dupes can have access.  The vertical shaft goes to the very top of the map, with a small overhang to stop meteors from blocking the connection.  You could easily put what ever needs to be in there in there if you want. 

Results:  I have learned how far space truly goes above the asteroid in the unbuildable zone:  2 tiles.  I know this because I built the following, connecting the stable to the red zone and nothing else.  The stable ends up being 645 tiles.  If I have 53 slicksters, it is fine.  If I have 54 slicksters, they become overcrowded, which conforms to the 12 tiles per slickster requirement.  Therefore, if I were to remove the ceiling of bunker tiles, I would have access to the whole surface of the asteroid and be able to support a significantly larger number of slicksters, up to 886 slicksters, with 887 being overcrowded. 

I was hoping space would be taller.




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9 hours ago, MorsDux said:

Thats free real estate!!


6 hours ago, BlueLance said:

You can do the same with anywhere on the asteroid, but yes it works and the grooming station will work even though it is out of a stable

Yes, but the 512 tiles above the base are unusable.  The areas inside the base are usable.  So I would rather have a structure that utilizes the top 256x2 area above the base than have a 512 hole in my base.  I can't imagine needing 886 slicksters.  

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