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Mumsy needs to shut up for a bit and two plate suggestions

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minespatch    83082

How about whenever you manage to cook a item, Mumsy quiets down and the player doesn't have to yell "SHUT UP" at their screen?


  1. Poutine
  2. Poo-poo platter?:wilson_sneaky:

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Extant    315

I think they should've added some sort of craving icon that would remain on the player's screen after Mumsy initially says what The Gnaw wants for the current meal.

That way, Mumsy wouldn't have to keep repeating herself for newer players and would only talk if examined.

As for the plates, Poutine looks yummy. I'm sure there are already enough disgruntled players shoving manure/guano down wormholes in DST right now hehe.

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