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  1. The same applies to pigmen as well although you have to attack another pigman nearby in order to cause them to aggro you when the morning comes (or walk by their house as Webber).
  2. [UPDATE] The Gorge on Consoles

    Hm, it could've been. He never said early next week though for giving a more accurate date. Early next week was for submitting the cert. But, on the bright side, he didn't say late next week either for the 2nd week. I'm hopeful that they'll deliver the release date before August. Fingers crossed.
  3. [UPDATE] The Gorge on Consoles

    I'm sure that CharlesB will update as soon as he can. Unfortunately, he did comment the following on July 16th, Monday. That gives an estimated time between July 28th - August 4th for him to have a more accurate answer. I wish I could help you guys out but I'm just simply another DST fan/player. Hopefully the event comes out soon for the console platforms!
  4. Oof. Perhaps we should consider adding this to the top 10 saddest anime deaths?
  5. Unbuildable/Unplantable areas

    Hi there, TEZ. This seems most likely to be an issue associated with spring judging from the picture you included. To clarify, puddles form on the ground frequently in spring due to the rain and these puddles actually prevent structures from being built. You can fix this problem by logging out and logging back in as far as I can remember. Doing this removes the collision detection on the puddles for whatever reason. I hope this helps to solve your problem!
  6. Can't hit Deerclops

    Hi there, M4rtin. This sounds like a common issue players encounter when having a certain setting turned on. Could you try going into your settings menu and look for the lag compensation option in there? If it's turned on (which it is by default), try turning it off and see if that affects your ability to hit Deerclops. Hopefully this fixes the problem!
  7. Cave Mushtrees trunk vanishes

    Does Clwnbaby/esaiXD play on PC or PS4? Also, giving a little more information about what my testings revealed so far, the world regrowth feature seems a bit strange in the placement of the returned mushtrees. I took a screenshot of the area in which there were just 3 mushtrees to begin with. I chopped and dug all 3 of them up, and then went to an area about 3 screens away that contained the majority of the mushtrees. I chopped 24 of those down and waited for a long time to see if they'd grow back. They did, but for some reason, the area in which there were 3 mushtrees originally now had 7 mushtrees and there were less mushtrees in the big area with them. Apparently the game might place the mushtrees further away than where they used to be for whatever odd reason. I can assure you that the mushtrees do grow back even with the stump dug up in the current version of the game. However, there seem to be some circumstances that must be met for them to come back. There can't be any items such as earthquake drops within 1 tile of their spawn point, the time passed must be in the season per mushtree type and also per mushtree, and the player must not be in a 16 tile radius of them for that said period. I'm still testing to see what happens should I just leave the stumps there and if they'll come back after the game removes them for whatever reason. This setting is definitely 1 of the most complicated ones the game has to offer. Edit #1 Okay, so I counted all the mushtrees in the area that I got rid of and out of the 24 that I chopped/dug up, 20 of them came back. That math checks out with the 4 extra ones that spawned in the area that originally had 3 mushtrees to begin with. I honestly can't say how the game figured to put those 4 nearly 4 screens away from where they used to be. I've currently got 4 stumps that I left to see what will happen if I wait long enough. I should also mention that I put the world regrowth setting on fastest to be able to test this out as quickly as possible. Tweaking the setting might be making it a bit janky perhaps. Edit #2 Okay, so the game again removed the stumps over time on its own. The good news is that the mushtree re-spawned even after the stump disappeared. Also, yes, I'm 100% positive that the game can only re-spawn 1 mushtree at a time so if you got rid of 3 of them, it'd take at least 9 days on default settings for all 3 of them to come back. Since digging their stump up with a shovel, burning them with a torch or fire staff, or even allowing the game to remove the stump didn't prevent the mushtree from coming back, the question now is what does stop them from regenerating? According to the wiki, there can't be structures/buildings within 5 tiles of them or any entities within 1 tile of them. I'm assuming earthquake drops will prevent them from coming back, but I'll check to see if this is the case. Interestingly, they do not necessarily re-spawn at the same place. This is just a wild guess, but perhaps your blue mushtree biome did in fact re-spawn the trees you got rid of in the early 900s. However, they re-spawned in different areas among the other mushtrees so it looked like they didn't come back. The only way to tell for sure is to count the muhstrees individually to check if you're really missing some. This mechanic is honestly a huge hassle to test out. I'll do my best to figure it out though as this information is definitely worth knowing for long-term commitment. Edit #3 Oh my god, world regrowth, stop! You're drunk! Now it made 5 of the 7 mushtrees re-spawn in the other area that's like 4 screens away. So apparently the placement of the world regrowth feature is rather highly random. The area they were originally in was as clean as a whistle so there was no reason for the game not to put them back there. This makes figuring out if you're missing anything extremely hard without counting icons on the map 1 by 1. Edit #4 So I have confirmed that earthquake drops, such as rocks, do prevent mushtrees from coming back. I'll have to do some more testing to see if they at least re-spawn in other areas.
  8. Cave Mushtrees trunk vanishes

    I'm not sure when that was proven, but I've had my mushtrees grow back after I chopped and dug their stumps up in my world that I played during May of 2018. I'll do some tests to see if anything changed with the world regrowth system since then, but I was being 100% honest and not attempting to troll at all. Although patches do come out and things can change so I probably should double-check before giving such crucial advice like this. I'll edit my post when I've tested out the mushtree to world regrowth setting. Edit #1 Okay, so I've gotten a bit of testing done but I'll have to continue to figure out this world regrowth system completely. This is what I've found regarding mushtrees and world regrowth on revision 277964 of DST July 20th, 2018. I chopped and dug up mushtree stumps and, after their regrowth time (in the appropriate season), they do grow back. I also tried burning them with a torch/fire staff and they also grew back afterwards. However, it seems that it takes a long time for them to grow unless the desolation regrowth feature kicks in. This is due to the world regrowth only growing 1 mushtree back at a time when the regular regrowth formula is used. The time it takes for a mushtree to grow back, according to the wiki, is 3 days in its appropriate season assuming the player is not within a 16 tile radius of the said mushtree. That means if you chop 5 mushtrees, it should take approximately 15 days for all 5 of them to return assuming the world regrowth is on default settings. In addition to this, I also encountered the same situation as you. When I left the stump on the map it eventually disappeared by the game's own accord. I believe the game will eventually remove the stump so that the mushtree can grow back without the player needing to dig the stump up, but I'll have to do more extensive testing to see if this is the case. Again, I apologize if my post seemed like a troll but my intention was solely to help you out as I know that bug posts (especially those in the PS4/Xbox One sections) largely get ignored. I will continue to test this out during my free time and update my post as I discover more information pertaining to the regrowth feature. I only wish that my lua coding knowledge was more comprehensive so that I could simply dig into the game's files and determine how exactly the regrowth feature works.
  9. big wgifrid skin glitch f**** up the game

    Pssst (I think she's hiding jerky in her gloves for emergency food). On a more serious note, that is pretty annoying to anyone's sense of aesthetics. I haven't ever played with graphical modding, but hopefully it shouldn't be too hard to change the priority of the characters' parts and whether they're displayed in the front or rear.
  10. That's my keyboard but, technically, it is a joke so... I guess?
  11. When I first encountered the ancient chest in the ruins, I was curious as to what it'd do. I cautiously opened it but saw that nothing seemed to happen. My inventory was pretty full at this point so I thought, hey, the game's nice enough to offer me a free chest. Why not use it? Thus I deposited some of my loot obtained from the ruins in there for safe, temporary storage from the moleworms. Big mistake... it spat out my contents once I filled all 6 of its slot and it also consumed the gems I put in as a result. I immediately did research into what it was afterwards and found out about the Metheus puzzle. Well, at least I got my ancient skins the day after so who's laughing now, Metheus?
  12. They usually don't, but it seems to happen when new players join a server. I guess Klei added that in eventually to help address some public server issues. Also, it seems that hounds don't attack anyone that recently joined and hasn't survived a minimum number of days in the world yet. I joined on day 36 several times and when hounds attacked a few days later, they simply didn't spawn around me because I was only around for 2-3 days I guess.
  13. Aqua teen hunger force? Edit #1 Okay, I had to do this... I'm so sorry, Maxwell. Also, this is my first DST image edit ever. Be gentle?
  14. You can't have mai 2 flint! Too precious! Moar precious than bone armor and thulecite crowns!
  15. This is fairly common on public servers from what I've seen so far. Generally people tend to ignore if anyone asks for where the base is because they're either afraid of a potential griefer or they assume the player is new and they are tired of babysitting. This also holds true if any players ask for materials shortly after joining since many assume that the person is too lazy/incompetent to gather the materials on their own. I am not against either asking where the base is or asking for materials. Especially flint because the world never starts you off with enough flint by the portal on default settings. Not even for 1 player, let alone 8-12 on public servers. I believe in giving players a chance to show us whether or not they're base sitters/parasites/griefers before sentencing a judgement on them, but I guess everyones' time is limited and patience will run short for a game that has been out for 4 years. Whenever I first join a public server, I try and leave some flint by the entrance once I enter the mosaic or rocky biome and gather up a stack of it. Of course, sometimes people will pick up every piece of flint for themselves, but at least I try to make others' lives easier.