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Alright so here's a strategy that anyone can do.

I am probably really horrible at editing forum posts, as I have not posted on a forum in years, so bear with me on this one and here we go



Make sure you have a team of 3.  1 mime, 1 webber, 1 maxwell.

The mime is 100% necessary and the maxwell / webber are arguable, but they are the best ones suited for this achievement.



Mime's Job at the very start of the game is to go grab 2 berries.

After that, pick up the coins and purchase a GRILL

After buying the grill drop it off at any station and buy 1 turnip seed and 1 carrot seed.

Maxwell will rush potatoes and get 1 poop bucket asap.

Webber well till as much land as possible and plant seeds/get poop.

ROUND 1 DISH: Roasted Veggies

1X Carrot, 1X Potato, 1X Turnip.


Round 2:

As soon as you finish the round 1 meal, immediately start cooking another roasted veggie.

If the 2nd round is bread, go and make a Salt Rack and have webber watch the grill.

If the second round is veggie, grab 2 blue seeds and hyper grow 1 flour.



BREAD: Roasted Veggies

1X Carrot, 1X Potato, 1X Turnip.


VEGGIE: Jelly Roll

2X Berry, 1X Flour.

Round 3+:

It may seem odd to drop off the guide at round 3, but at this point, you're home free.

Keep buying turnips and carrots, and after the potatoes run out, also buy potatoes.

Keep making roasted veggies over and over again,

as the gnaw never asks for veggies again after this point (from what I've seen through 7+ runs).

if by some miracle the gnaw does ask for veggies, simply make a jelly roll in it's place.

Round XX:

At this point you should have had salt up for a while, pumping out veggie dishes and getting a sizeable amount of extra coins.

At this point you want to do 3 things:


2) Get a Crockpot Up.

3) GET 2 PACKETS OF WHEAT (if you haven't already)

In that order.

Have webber handle the grill and make the roasted veggies whenever you need to step away to buy something.

Additionally, when you go to put up a second salt, if there is wheat lying around, make at least 3 flour for later.

Timing the salt and putting down another salt as the first one pops up eases the pressure on the runner by a great deal.

Round ???:

You may notice by now that the round numbers don't matter as much.

You'll be skipping so many rounds that you'll lose track of when a dessert round comes and goes.

Be mindful to not sacrifice anything important during a dessert round, as it will not yield the results you want.

at this point the salt should be done and you either have the large crockpot already or are waiting for it in the next wave of safes.

What you need to do at this point is grab an extra seed of potatos alongside your regular "turnip carrot potato" purchases.

after that have webber take the grill while you go buy 2 pigeons, and get an oven setup if you have the spare money after that.

After doing all this, the crockpot should have been obtained, so make Meaty Stew.


Meaty Stew:

2X Scraps, 2X Potatoes


One of the biggest issues I've run into is often seeing that my partners would stop making roasted veggies when I made meaty stew.


You must always make roasted veggies to stop/delay the timer.

even if you have to make 3+ dishes to get past a bad meat/dessert/soup chain.

Sacrifice the meaty stew on a silver when it doesn't ask for Meat / Soup / or Dessert.

This will net you a red mark.

ROUND Finale:

At this point, set up the oven, grab the red mark, get the slaughter tool from billy, and go kill a beefalo.

Additionally, have your maxwell / gatherer get 3 mushrooms for you.

If you haven't already harvested the wheat, now is when you would transform it into flour.

Continue having webber throw roasted veggies at the gnaw to stun/delay it.

Kill 1 beefalo and make a beef wellington (or 2 if you know how to corner them right, it's a huge help).


Beef Wellington:

2X Big Meat, 1X Mushroom, 1X Flour

The oven / wellington takes a very long time, so remember to chuck additional roasted veggies at the gnaw while cooking it.

After you create 1, create 2 more beef wellingtons, plate each, and sacrifice them when the gnaw is not craving Meat / Bread / or Dessert.

If you followed these directions, you should have yourself a very basic and easy no cravings win.

YOU WIN!!!!!!

Additional Notes:

Maxwell is generally the best because he can harvest logs while running, and Poop buckets are very important.

Webber will need to be taught/learn the combination for making roasted veggies, and will need to know when to "take the grill"

As Chef, do not forget to buy additional seeds for your webber, as he will be very busy farming and growing the entire time.

This strategy was tested multiple times with a variant of characters, and although some were interchangeable, only mime was able to get the early salt required for this strategy in the worst case scenario. (veggie 2nd).

Additionally, have maxwell grab the rot from the potato farm as well, as it gives a faster start in general.

Every time you(the chef) need to go buy something away from the grill, you should inform your webber immediately in some way.

During these small intervals, webber will have to assume the role as farmer and chef, so remember to leave wood on the ground.


Hopefully this guide helps someone. Good Luck.

(tested and proven to work)

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11 hours ago, Courage10000 said:

How do you even get enough coins? I couldn't get a salt rack until later (like round 4 or 5). I was the mime (who has a name, it's Wes).

Never mind, I screwed up the strategy that time. Time to really do it, haha!

each veggie dish gives about 4 coins, so it's more about spam and less about worrying which round it goes off in.

all of my runs in this style have ended with 20-28 dishes being failed. If that gives you a good clue as to what your pacing should be.

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On 7/10/2018 at 10:00 AM, MrMofolz said:

each veggie dish gives about 4 coins, so it's more about spam and less about worrying which round it goes off in.

all of my runs in this style have ended with 20-28 dishes being failed. If that gives you a good clue as to what your pacing should be.

I managed to do it with the fish stew and meat wellington. We got out at 0 seconds left.

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19 hours ago, brbrmensch said:

it's kinda tight on time if you don't get pot from first safe. any tips on time management? is it really necessary to get second salt? can't you just save time on not getting more coins? since wrong offerings take your time

It's better to give a dish that doesn't please the Gnaw than no dish at all.

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