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  1. U r playing on pc. This is the PS4 bug forumn page.
  2. No mods on ps4. This is the ps4 forumn. U cant use mods on ps4. If ur playing on pc u are in the WRONG forumn.
  3. Yeah I don't actually think this is a bug per se or at least maybe not from Kleis point of view, but it should be. I get that console, ps4 version of DST in much more limited in many ways and will never be as good or easy to play as pc version but this is a joke. Why can we use the boomerang and blow darts as ranged weapons but NOT the weather pain. Yes the weather pain is garbage on ps4 and it's most frustrating considering it's one of the most expensive craftable items in the game, and basically essential for toadstool and fuelweaver fights solo. I just killed toadstool with weather pains solo and it was much harder and a little longer than it should have been. I have also noticed a short freeze after casting the weather pain - being unable to move for a very short time. We need to kick up a stink about this and hopefully then Klei will fix it. Please get others to complain and comment on this BUG, bc it is a bug imo. Sadly a lot of average players will rarely use weather pains and not see the issue and therefore never complain about it. It's mostly only the more advanced and experienced players that will notice this issue or BUG, but most are just accepting it as acceptable or "that's just how it is". PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE we really need this fixed.
  4. I just killed the toadstool on a friends server using weather pains to chop sporecaps. I was gobsmacked (astounded) by the fact that the weather pain would only target the sporecaps at super close range. WTH? This is suposed to be a ranged weapon, no? I have seen vids of it used at a distance, yet my friend n i could only use it at close range like an axe. Has anyone else seen this? Is this normal on ps4? Very disappointed. Why does the boomerang work at a distance but not the weather pain?
  5. @diego_arabian Nice work. Ingenious: im glad u found a way to play. The ancient guardian? or ancient fuel weaver? I planted 20 spider eggs -away but near enough - to try n kill ancient guarding with spiders & spider hat. I also moved 3 rock lobsters as backup in case the spiders didn't work. I planned on comming back later after spider dens were T2 and T3 (tier). The spider hats r generally pretty useless, and i wanted to try a different way of killing ancient guardian. But before i could leave my rock lobsters had other ideas. Somehow they got too close to ancient guardian and they started fighting. I was worried my rock lobsters would die so i decided to try n kill ancient guardian. It was surprisingly easy with just 3 rock lobsters. I had little imput. I jus hit the ancient guardian now n then to distract it. It was nice to kill the ancient guardian but i was a little disappointed i kinda wasted 20 spider eggs. I wont b able to try the spiders until i reset the ruins now.
  6. @Felix-The-Ghost When the attack command is issued on an enemy, if another enemy comes into range, that enemy is prioritized, despite the order to attack the previous enemy. This means with groups of enemies the player will often walk past the closest enemy to attack the far away enemy, taking hits. This is incredibly annoying when kitting 2 terror beaks or 4+ crawling horrors. How and why prioritize the enemy behind another? It doesn't do it all the time either. This is a great game but unfortunately it will always be better to play on pc.
  7. @Stonyplv That sux m8. Hav u tried to download ur game save from the online storage? If u hav PS plus - which i think u need to play DST on ps4 - u can save to cloud. U can save to cloud manually or setup so that it saves to cloud when ps4 is in sleep mode. Its a good idea as back up. Hope this might help.
  8. Yeah i found the same thing jesuisralph. My base has over 25 lanters, over 20 various hats, over 15 spider hats, piles of silk n spider glands, a lot of tools n weapons lying around, a pig farm with over 20 pigs out of there houses continuously, a gecko farm with 200-300 grass in pen. As soon as i got close to base i felt it "lag". The screen was slightly shaky, movement felt like it was at 80 speed. Occasionally i would "rubber band" like crazy, often and especially near my pigs durring a hound wave. I was playing solo as well. I moved a lot of stuff to the caves, or chest it improved a lot. Someone on one of these forums called it rendering lag. If u have played Don't Starve you will notice a big difference after playing Don't Starve Together. Movement is very crisp or exact. It is my fav game of all time, but for a seemingly simple game it doesn't seem to handle too much stuff going on and suffers badly from lag.
  9. Yes the problems do occure offline. I have tested this. Semingly the error glitch is exactly the same. They don't occure on Klei public dedicated server though. I was in the cave on a dedicated server for around 2 days no problem.
  10. Thanks CharlesB. Its great to kno the problem has been recognised. I will try n send my save file, but i need to buy a usb stick first. The problem should b very easy to replicate. Apparently the problem doesnt exist for public servers. (I haven't confirmed this) The problem occurs on hosted worlds. All you need to to do is open a sinkhole and stand there a few mins, and eventually it will get blocked with vines and be inaccessible. I would b surprised if after 2 days of standing at the sinkhole u didn't experience this glitch. Also the similar or related bug is entering a sinkhole. After entering the sinkhole u will only last a few mins in the caves before the server will shut down. Thanks. BIG_iron2
  11. I have the same problem for PS4 since the 1.22 (Winona) update. I am hosting a public server but am playing solo with a password. I was on day 800 when frog rain came so i grab a bunch of food to take under ground and make pierogi in my under ground base for shodow piece fight n the caves r blocked up with vines. I can only inspect, i can not enter the caves. (It is temporarily fixed by closing the server at location of sinkhole, then relaunching server) I hav seen these "vines" in caves blocking the use of stair cases to get to the surface ONLY when I roll back a server. Also once inside the caves the server will be shut down as illustrated by diego_arabian screenshot above, after 2 or 3 mins. Please fix, thanks. BIG_iron2