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For anyone who does not like terrorbeaks and crawling horrors...

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To anyone who is having trouble killing crawlers and terrors this is all you need to do:


Really though all you have to do is for instance lets say you rotate the view of the the screen so its horizontal and the terror is chasing you to the right so your holding the "D" key he will attack usually 2-3 times sometimes many many more as long as your holding the key down he will never hit you. He will stop to taunt usually after 2-3 attacks, it looks like hes roaring... in anycase asSoonas he starts to taunt click him(if your not ready or your cursor is off screen then just go back to running to the right and be ready for when he taunts the next time) his head is moving when hes taunting so I always go the bottom or his "feet" to click then asSoonas the animation for swinging a weapon starts press "D" and start running to right again and repeat untill it dies.

Obviously it works in any direction as you will have to run in different directions and change the view on the fly(thats what the "Q" and "E" keys are for...) Just whatever you do dont run diagonally like to the top right by pressing "D" and "W" for some reason you run slower and all MOBS can hit if you run diagonally even beefalo.

Now the crawlers are even easier again as example a crawler is chasing you to right again so your holding down the "D" key but there not fast enough to attack you while your running like the terrors so when your ready and your mouse is on the crawler run back to the left towards the crawler asSoonas your about an inch away his attack animation will start just run to right for literally a half second so you dont get hit and then click the crawler to attack the timing is more forgiving then a terror so you should be slaughtering these without getting a hit in no time. Of course for both nightmare creatures once you hit them they teleport so you cant usually just run in the same direction an it goes without saying you should at first be wearing a log suit an football helmet and a spike in your hand... the dark sword I have only seen it maybe kills them in one less swing but its great for making yourself go insane

I know to many many people on forum this sounds like a joke to even post about but I have seen so many posts on here and youtube about how bad the nightmare creatures are for the game and how hard\fast\strong etc. Some even say they should take them out all together especailly the terrorbeak..... i mean after the hotfix rarely do more then 1 terrorbeak ever spawn and that was the most fun when 2 were after you the timing was constantly changing. Anyways thats why I wrote this, on another note heres hoping they make some type of "raid boss" monster like something that you have to attack different parts of its body to kill or something you cant kill with regular weapons maybe you have to attack it a few times and it drops some item a diamond scale that you can make special trap or spear with or special poison dart that you have to infect what ever it eats with and then it dies by eating it, i dont know just something with some multi step strategy to killing it(Deerclops?). Also I think it be great while exploring if you randomly encounter either unique monsters or just random mobs\events\places\ like a pig village that when you walk up into for first time there cooking wes or another person and you have to fight them(or maybe join them for dinner... you are starving after all) or maybe a tallbird dance party where krampus is battling(on dance floor) a small bird; just random encounters things to encourage and reward exploration. However thats another subject and it looks like klei knows what there doing so whatever they go with should only make DS better an better

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