Monster Effigy and Fire Eater

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The Monster Effigy

Made Similar to the Meat Effigy it is capable of bringing life do dead Pieces of Flesh. However this Effigy is made only with Monster meat (a lot of it), uncooked, and boards(also a lot).

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So what might bring life to this pile of putrefying meat. Why the Full Moon of course. After at least a day of being placed. If it is exposed to the full moon, it will break and reveal its new content.

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The Bear... with features similar to the Hound, you might think he will attack you at first sight. Actually he is no interested in you, he is interested in food, cooked food if possible. He will not accept you feeding him, he will charge for any food left on the ground (except seeds) or that can be harvested, if the food is removed from that location, he will get upset and give only 1 hit to "the cause".

If he does not eat for a long time, he will fall into hibernation, and stay on the ground until either food appears in his vicinity or he is hit.

If he is hit the fist time, he will just shove the attacker, the second time he will hit the attacker, the third time he will stomp the ground and go into full attack mode. He can be calmed with food. He heals by sleeping. At low health he will give one Hit and Run away, returning to try another hit.

On Death he will drop a most unusual loot. Four Living, Breathing, Hungry, HOUNDS.

Another Way to kill him, avoiding the hounds, is to "give him" a Honey Comb Surprise, so that the Killer Bees can kill him from the inside.

The Fire Eater

You harness the power of the red gem, and it’s ability to collect fire and use in you’re advantage.

You DO NOT Shot fire with it.

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You equip it or leave it near a fire place that is burning. It will consume the fire extremely fast and charge up. You use it like a torch as it makes red powerful light around you, further than a torch.

When crafted it has a 10% charge.

It can be charged up to 100%, but it will consume fire at the same speed even when it is full.

100% charge lasts one Day or 12 actual minutes.

If it reaches 0% the Red Gem Breaks.

It only consumes when it is equipped or on the ground.

However, the red light is not without it’s consequences.

Monsters are attracted to it like a magnet,

If this item is used as a weapon, it will consume 25% of it’s charge, light up the area in a bright-full red light for a wile, blinding every monster that see it(except the player), making them attack anything in the vicinity (allies, enemies, trees).

The Staff Consumes torches instantaneously. Willow's light, Red Hounds Dieing, Burning trees and resources are the only frames NOT drained by it.

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But why would anyone create an effigy to fight a bear and four hounds?

Fighting him is the last option, you can bait him with a track of food into areas with things for him to kill, or defend you at night provided you got the food to keep him awake and you don't directly engage in fights with him.
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