Tips for Freshman Frenzy?

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I cannot figure out how you can beat it in 3 minutes and 30 seconds >.< the fans waste so much time for me, I cannot get the hang of how you control your ascent to get through each one. Not even to mention the 'No Death' run, when i always get blown upwards into fan blades at least once while trying to reach a upper checkpoint or move thorugh a doorway over spinning fanblades into another room with spinning fan blades, and hit the one on the seems like in order to progress thorugh the fans and use the crouch-go faster method you are GOING To die


any tips on getting through the vent rooms would be appreciated. Both doing it fast, and how to do it without dying to the fan blades in general

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I think when you're going up, crouching actually slows you down. So, you can avoid that fan on the top by crouching beforehand.

Also, don't get too close to the door before you can actually reach it. Step back a bit, or you'll be bumped away by walls and lose air control.

That's all I can think of. Good lucky!

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