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Up to Date Char Mod Guide?

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So I'm not really sure if this is the right form to ask this in so sorry about that, but anyway-

I've been wanting to make a character mod for awhile, it'd be in my best interests to make it for Don't Starve Together. I tried making a mod for the base DS a few years ago and I gave up because coding and such broke even though I had everything done right, it just crashed for no reason and I couldn't figure out why. I'm not like, great at coding so I was kinda hoping I could find a template that I can just merely go in and edit the code for.

I wanted to make a character with new art, which I can do, and then just take a template for programming, and edit the stuff. IE, customize the comments on items, maybe edit the character's health and sanity, etc. I wasn't planning on adding any NEW items or accessories with this mod... So my question is, can someone direct me to an UP TO DATE guide on how to mod in a character? Everything I'm finding seems to be from 2015 at the latest, and its 2018 now... I have no idea if the framework for Don't Starve has changed, if these old method's don't work anymore, etc... So If someone can like, confirm that information for me and toss a link to a guide it would be greatly appreciated!

I'm sorry if this post is kinda spam like, or junk mail, but I just couldn't find a link to anything on my own and I really would like some up to date information. Thanks in advance! :)

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You want to be on DST's mods and tools section as the process for creating a character in DST is slightly different than in DS. 

However, to my knowledge, aside from a few broken links here and there, the tutorials are all correct and still hold up. The DS ones definitely do. 

On the top of the forum there is a huge list of tutorials. Here is the link since you couldn't find it. Again, though, this is for Don't Starve, not Together. Probably better off trying their forum. 


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