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Dupes not sweeping my stuff?

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Hi, a new(ish) player here!

Sorry if this isn't the right topic to post under but..

I've been playing Oxygen Not Included for about 9 hours in total now, and overall, im really loving the game!

However, theres this issue i've had on a quite a few saves now, and thats my dupes are not sweeping up polluted water?


So, as you can see, i have an area of 'Algae Terrariums' to help me produce oxygen, and some of my dupes come over to clean them once in a while so they cna carry on producing oxygen, after my dupes clean them, they'll just drop the 'Polluted Water' on the spot.

I'll select the area to be swept and even put the priority high but they will still take several cycles to clean it up. 


I also have this kinda of Sewage drain where dupes will eventually pour out the swept stuff but with 9 dupes on cycle 25, it seems to take forever, no one will want to do it!

Anyway, thanks for reading, I know i'm new and there's properly a way around this but i really don't know.

Thanks, enjoy your day!

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Alright ill have a look, thanks for your reponse

1 hour ago, Soulwind said:

Check the dupes job priorities.  Sweep is either storage or tidy (don't remember which off the top of my head), so you need a dupe with that as his top job priority

Alright ill have a look, thanks for your response

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14 hours ago, SixbySix said:

Make sure you have a bottle emptier for PH20 and set it to a higher priority and they will empty the bottles quickly.




17 hours ago, Yoma_Nosme said:

It's off topic. But if you read this add a couple of deodoriser in areas where you generate/have po2 to convert it to clean o2. A few can prevent almost any po2 inside your base thus helping you keep your dupes healthy. 

Thanks for your help, i'll give them a shot


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