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Getting/Tagging Cooked Foods and Built Items

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I have two similar problems.

Tagging cooked items:
I'd like to tag all foodstuffs prepared by a specific character I'm making, to mark that it was prepared by her for later use.

I thought to wrap the existing ACTIONS.COOK.fn function, but it doesn't return the prepared item.
I'd rather not replace it altogether since that is more likely to clash with other mods.
I'd also rather not modify each of the components capable of cooking, also to allow support with other mods that may add more cooking options.

It seems like the most sensible place to make the change would be with the COOK action somehow, but like I said, I don't know how to do that in a non-invasive manner.
Is there some OnFinishedCooking function or something of the sort somewhere that gives the created product and the chef who made it?
I think the lesser evil here would be to modify the cooker and stewer components (how do I do that, by the way?), but I'd appreciate some experienced input here.

Tagging built items:
The same thing, really, just for items being built (crafted).

I'd also like to add a tag saying they were crafted by a specific (different) character.
There's a BUILD action, but it doesn't return the created product either, same as with the COOK action.
Even more problematic is that here I think I have to change Builder:DoBuild (i.e. overwrite it completely to make the modifications to it), which once again, is not as compatible with other mods as wrapping. Actually, it's also more likely to require changing when the game is updated, since any change to the overridden function would require changing the overriding function as well.


So how do you think I should go about doing these two things?

Thanks in advance.

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Added another, similar problem to the question
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By the way, the reason behind this is that I'm making two characters and I want the food the first one makes to be more effective for the second, and the tools the second one crafts to be more durable for the first.

So alternative ideas for that are also very welcome.

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