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This guide intends to offer information on which category each recipe should be given to in order to gain a Gnaw's Favor. In case you're not aware, the requirements for getting Gnaw's Favor (or even red marks, sapphire medallions, and old coins) not only depends on if you gave it to The Gnaw with or without a silver bowl/plate, but also which category you offered it on even if the category was a valid one.

To give an example, Jam can be offered as either a snack or dessert. The Gnaw will accept it as a valid meal for both those categories. If given as a snack, you will get 6 coins. However, if given as a dessert, you get 1 sapphire medallion instead. This becomes a lot more problematic concerning dishes that can give red marks when served with silver and especially dishes that can give favors when served with silver because depending on which category you offered it on, you may or may not get the favor even if you did everything right.

This guide won't have much to start with as there's a lot of testing required to flush it out, but I'll begin with one dish that made me decide to open this topic up. Please let us know which dish and which category you offered it as to obtain such and such rewards. I'll do what I can to figure out what rewards are given upon each category, but I am only one player. Thank you for reading and hopefully this helps!

Cream of Mushroom Soup + silver plate

  • Soup = 1 favor, 7 coins
  • Cheese = ???
  • Snack = 1 favor
  • Veggie = 1 red mark

Macaroni and Cheese + silver bowl

  • Pasta = 1 favor, 7 coins
  • Cheese = ???

Scone + silver plate

  • Bread = 1 favor, 1 sapphire, 4 coins
  • Dessert = ???

Manicotti + silver plate

  • Pasta = 1 favor, 1 sapphire, 6 coins
  • Cheese = ???

Cheesecake no silver plate

  • Dessert = 1 favor, 1 sapphire, 2 coins
  • Cheese = 1 red mark, 1 sapphire, 8 coins

Bagel and Fish + silver plate

  • Fish = 1 red mark, 7 coins
  • Snack = ???
  • Bread = ???
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