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Egg management in cosmic is painful

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Before cosmic, we could have a fridge full of eggs to restart a stable of animals, which is important because there is no automatic way to keep their numbers stable. Now we can't do that because eggs go bad.

The optimal way of restarting a stable was to transfer just enough eggs into a fridge in the stable, then drop them when they're ready. This way wasn't good, as it required working around the AI and UI, but it was tolerable. This way is still optimal, but now the eggs have to be out of storage ASAP, which means more brainless micromanagement to ensure dupes don't carry the wanted eggs away, do carry unwanted eggs away, and to drop the eggs out of storage as they're delivered (to prevent rot).


So far cosmic update is a regression when it comes to egg management. Egg cracking is not worth having to manually fight against egg rot when replacing dead critters.

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While @Coolthulhu isn't wrong, I'd like to adjust a few particular points.

The optimal way of restarting a (now randomly dead) stable was to [transfer/shove enough empty stable locational eggs that were dropped/reloaded] eggs into a [whatever] in the stable, then [drop/blow them out due to death of everyone else] them when they're ready...

… You get the point.

If eggs are supposed to be random grabs, then make it both obvious and dev synced to the intended play.  If they're supposed to be specifically useful things at, then let them be properly useful at a deep approach.  This grab bag approach is aggravating and difficult to balance to.

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