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Feedback & Suggestions: Ranching Upgrade Mk II

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Here are my thoughts on the Ranching Upgrade Mk II.

Critter Morphs

I'm not into the whole Petting Zoo Tycoon aspect of ranching, but I guess this is cool for those who have the itch to catch 'em all.  That said, it feels like some of the morphs don't really fill a a niche or fill one already covered by something else.  The smooth hatch, for example, produces refined metal.  We already have rock granulators, metal refineries, and metal volcanoes doing this, so I'm not sure how much value such a creature adds to the game.

One aspect of the critter morphs that's negatively impacting the game is egg management.  It has become cumbersome to sort, store, cook and save various types of eggs.  I don't know what the solution to this is, but I do hope you guys come up with something to mitigate the tedium and frustration that so many egg varieties has created.  I don't like that eggs still incubate in refrigerators.  In my humble opinion, refrigeration should halt the incubation process.

I also think you could be more transparent with some of the information relating to critters.  There's a lot of digging to find out what the Glum debuff is or how much stable space a particular critter requires, for examples.  Making all of this information quickly accessible via the critter information or the database would be a good QOL adjustment.  Much of the text in a critter description box refers to them as duplicants, by the way.



Regarding the glossy drecko, it makes no logical sense that this critter lives in the jungle biome but feeds itself exclusively on plants that grow in the starting biome.  That's like a water buffalo of the Serengeti requiring a diet consisting of grasses that grow in the Siberian steppes.



Pacu are a bit of a mess right now.  They require a LOT of algae to feed.  The only sustainable way to produce algae is via pufts, and the number of pufts (and the room required to stable them) required to support a single pacu is prohibitively high.  Another problem, though one of the minor inconvenience variety, is the lack of a way to wrangle or trap a pacu flopping on dry land.


Everything Else

Everything else is useful.  I personally find the gas sensor to be a godsend and have been wanting one for a while now.  Kudos for the pipe sensors, too.  I do find it odd that the gas sensor requires power (though it doesn't appear to be consuming any) when none of the other sensors do, but if that's a feature and not a bug then so be it.

I do hope you'll give the Plumber its own hat.  I would also recommend moving it back a tier for the sake of maintaining the one-tier gap between jobs of a given path, but I'm OCD like that.

Eggs don't appear to rot anymore.  I don't know if this is by design or a bug.

I'm happy to see algae terrariums getting another look, but I still think you've missed the mark.  The water consumption is way down, making them viable from that perspective.  But they require so much dupe time to deliver clean water and clear polluted water they're still going to see very limited use.  Again, if this is by design - if they're meant to be nothing more than a brief stepping stone - then so be it.


Suggestions for Future Content

Here are some suggestions for some possible followup additions you can add down the road.

  • Fill out critter database entries with calories required per day and other pertinent information.  I would also like to see each subspecies get its own page and flavor text, but that's obviously not a priority.
  • A means to automate critter population control would make the player experience a lot better.  Right now there's a lot of micromanagement that goes into ranching.  A motion sensor or critter counter of some kind, for example, could regulate how many critters we keep in a stable and allow cull the herd when the stable becomes overcrowded.
  • Glass tiles and logs, coral, and seaweed (which could be made of plastic if you want another use for it) would allow us to build decorative fish tanks in our bases.  This would give us an outlet for our creativity.
  • A new computer could allow scientists to genetically modify embryos in eggs to increase the odds of breeding a desired critter subspecies.  Such a building could require experience in both the rancher and researcher jobs to utilize.
  • I think a new disease that only affects critters could spruce up the germ overlay a bit.
  • I desperately want to see shockworms and volgus in the game.  Please don't forget about these neglected critters.  ;)
  • Automatically change the temperature units in sandbox mode to match those chosen by the player for regular play.
  • Please give us high pressure liquid vents.


That's all I've got for now.  Much of this update is still a bit rough around the edges, but I'm sure you'll get it smoothed out eventually.  As always, I look forward to seeing what lies in store in the next update.  Keep up the good work.


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