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Critter diet & food changes

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Just some suggestions regarding critter diet and food changes.

- Standard pacu : eat seed, algae --> expel fertilizer
- Tropical pacu : eat meat, seeds, shine bug eggs --> expel phosphorite
- Gulp fish : eat anything seed, algae, meat, maybe even slime and dirt (if they are starving?) --> expel polluted dirt (because they are some kind of water scrubbers)

- Can eat eggs as an alternative food source (eggs from other critters, not their own).

- It has already been suggested (can't find original post) but reverting the smooth hatch diet (eat refined metal -- > expel raw metal) would be very very useful.

Shine bugs
- It would be really nice to have discrete 1x1 automated wall-mounted feeder for shine bugs (and other flying critters). I'm trying to incorporate shine bugs stables in my base but the standard feeders are a bit cumbersome. I dont mind about the material and requirements for building it, I'd just like a more flexible wall-mounted feeder.

Food recipes
- Omelette would now require hatch, puft or drecko egg
- Pacu eggs would be used to make caviar
- Shine bug eggs would be used to make ??? (I don't know. Technically they are insect eggs. Could be cooked with mushrooms. Some kind of Radiant Roasted Egg dish ?)
- Its unrelated to the ranching upgrade, but mush bars require 50 kg of water each to cook, which amount to 50 liters of water for 1 meal. I suggest to drastically lower that cost to something like 5 kg.
- Also a single Vitamin chew require 100 kg of coal to make. Again I suggest a drastic diminution of the quantity of coal required for making those.

Food categories
- Edible cooking ingredient (meal lice, bristle berries, mushroom, meat, etc) should be in a separate category from Cooked dishes (liceloaf, gristle berries, fried mushroom, barbecue, etc, etc).

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Shinebugs should get less calories from Phosphorite.. Right now with the extreme amounts of Phosphorite in the world naturally, 200kg (a single dig tile) of Phosphorite is enough 2000 cycles for a Shinebug.

This may seem a bit illogical because phosphorite is limited, thats why the Tropical Pacu variant should exrete Phosphorite instead. Like the gulp fish it will consume water/polluted water and make it into phosphorite. Giving us a renewable way to get phosphorite without having to rely on the already insane amounts of it in the world

I know that it is kind of unrealistic, but what gives. Say that they 'pick up the phosphor that exists in the water'

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