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How to play "Classic" and "Shipwrecked" PS4

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Hello, I'm N-Game Arts

We just got the hard copy of "Don't Starve: Mega Pack" PS4
and We've looked all over the game and can't find out how to play the "Classic Story Mode" and the "Shipwrecked" DLC
Everyone keeps saying "Check Mark The Box" but there are no boxes to check mark on the PS4 copy.

And top of that... is there no way to "pause" the game?... We remember the Original game letting us do that?
What's with ALL this "PLAY ONLINE" stuff?... Can we not just play the game alone and not have to deal with "Host" a level stuff?

Any help would be most thankful as we would like to give a good helpful video of this on our channel. :)


My Great Capture Screenshot 2018-04-18 20-18-35.png

My Great Capture Screenshot 2018-04-18 20-18-42.png

My Great Capture Screenshot 2018-04-18 20-19-12.png

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29 minutes ago, JoeW said:

Hey there. 

Please see our post here:

We should have a better, more complete answer by tomorrow. 

Sorry for the inconvenience. 

I see,
Well we are going to be very upset if this will be a update to fix this issue as we here at N-Game Arts don't do
"DLC", "Updates", "Microtransactions" or "Redeem Codes" if it's not on the disc... it doesn't exist... and the collectors and viewers wish for us to stay true to this on the channel.

I'll have no choice but to give a bad score to the Physical copy as it is misleading and
false advertising.
I understand mistakes happen, but doing a quick hot fix is never the answer. (AKA) Updating it

Thank you for replaying and I'll post these same words on the forum link you have posted.

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