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  1. I remember an old youtube video I watched on making dedicated servers for don't starve It's deleted now and my server used to work perfectly, now it's just not getting the token or whatever. And plus I have school soon so I can't be bothered to follow this guide really quick
  2. Infinite loading world

    please help
  3. Infinite loading world

    So I have a few mods on my world and it always gets stuck on loading world so I don't know when it would be ready if at all It also crashes the first time I get on it but sends back to main menu --Don't Starve bug-- And here we go. Can't start a Shipwrecked world, says something about "messagebottle attempt to call method"OnHitGround"."
  4. yo my game crashes when I even start a shipwrecked world, says something about it not able to be on land I think
  5. [Tutorial] Using Extended Sample Character Template

    Hello, so basically, to make a character mod, I will need to use money that I do not have?