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  1. I just wanted to let people know that I bought the 15$ copy of "Don't Starve Mega Pack" at amazon and it came in at "m6/d4/y2018" and it's still the misprint copy... so ya... the problem has yet to be fixed there... at amazon.
  2. I see, Well are going to be very upset if this will be a update to fix this issue as we here at N-Game Arts don't do "DLC", "Updates", "Microtransactions" or "Redeem Codes" if it's not on the disc... it doesn't exist... and the collectors and viewers wish for us to stay true to this on the channel. I'll have no choice but to give a bad score to the Physical copy as it is misleading and false advertising. I understand mistakes happen, but doing a quick hot fix is never the answer. (AKA) Updating it Thank you for trying to help fix the issue. sincerely, N-Game Arts~