Does speed bonus from coffee not seem excessive?

Coffee and speed bonus  

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  1. 1. Do you think coffee is OP and should be tweaked?

    • Yes, tweak in this topic seems reasonable.
    • Yes, but a different method (comment below?).
    • No, it's fine as is.

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The walking cane + magiluminescence + sleek hat combo already provides a huge speed bonus to the player on land alone (on average, you go from having 6 to 11.25 speed, which is nearly double the speed already). For WX, that combined with the overcharge speed boost is essentially what other characters can get via coffee... no, scratch that, it's even FASTER.

I think it would be more reasonable for coffee to give may be 10% - 25% extra speed boost instead of 83% more, while allowing to harvest, chop, hack and mine things x2 faster, to mitigate the grinding, which for the item consumed, would make a bit more sense. While players like to move around their mega base day 1000+ worlds quickly, this isn't what the game's meant to be about, and it simply looks broken. Best to have at least some challenge in the game, and speeding across like sonic all the time is where things fall apart.

Moreover, because of this stacking, speed boosts overall could be nerfed for individual items. Aside from walking cane, the other two items don't really have speed boost as a focus point; magilluminescence is the only torso-slot light item, and the sleek hat's supposed to mitigate the effect that wind has on the player as a head-slot item.

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