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Petroleum conversion tower

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Built a petroleum conversion tower using heated petroleum from 2 metal refinery's.  It has taken so long to warm up that it still isn't really done.  I converted a ton of metal just warming it up to temperature but once it is saturated it shouldn't take as much to keep it going.  It should be even easier to keep primed with some volcano heat.


The idea is that the colder crude travels up through the hotter already converted petroleum at each floor transferring heat so that one cools down while the other heats up with the top floor being kept at around the transition temperature of 400 degrees.  Again it isn't finished but adding more floors to it isn't a real problem.


The walls on the inside are granite.  They could probably be metal since again it currently takes it so long to transfer.  I didn't want to have a ton of doors so I kept the volume on each floor small along with the idea that there isn't quite that much time for the crude in the pipes to transfer heat if there was more being held at once.


The automation wiring is pretty rough.  I have not done too much with it yet so it is just set up to be manually controlled.

There is an opening at the top to let any gas out.

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It is currently isolated using a vacuum between the doors which is why there are 3 of them on each floor.

Heat buffer yes. If it was all smaller there wouldn't be as much time for the incoming crude to heat up. 

The gas vent was an afterthought and I don't really expect much heat to be lost. Since the mass of the gass is pretty low. 

I was thinking the top could be turned in to another room to be kept hot for whatever reason. I could put stuff in there to melt. Like what does algae turn into when it melts?  Otherwise you could pass more crude though it to take that heat away as well.


Or just keep the bottom a vacuum so the problem never happens. 

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8 minutes ago, 0xFADE said:

Do the thermo sensors go past 300 degrees in the current update?  That would be nice.  With the new geysers it should likely go up around the melting point of the sensor.

I've never tried it, but theoretically you could make a granite or gold "sensor" like you would a phospherite sensor. Essentially creating a ~650 or ~1050 c switch.

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