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Created a fenced pathway all the way from cave entrance to ruins

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Got tired of dodging shadow monsters, splumonkeys, depth worms and slurpers on the way to the ruins, running wasted a lot of time.

I built a pretty wide pathway using wooden fencing and it works better than I thought, the tooth traps at the exit aren't even needed because nothing makes it past the barriers.   Didn't take too long to build and traveling through it is kind of like going past museum exhibits, you see all kinds of stuff but it is all safely behind an uninterrupted wall.   You can encircle or destroy the monkey houses but that doesn't take care of the rest.

When I need to jump I just use a lazy explorer, once in the ruins I can deal easily with any shadow monsters that come up (I have one of my four bases there).   If depth worms show up at base I just lead them to a small area with tooth traps.   






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