Wilhelmina Embitter Opera Singer

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Wilhelmina was The talk of the town in her day selling out opera houses in no time flat, but one day a younger and prettier girl arrived in town with a voice even more melodic than Wilhelmina's. Soon people stopped coming to see Wilhelmina and she grew bitter. She didn't want to share the limelight. So she hired a young man to poison her rival once this was done she invited him on a walk over looking a cliff and pushed him over the edge into the sea. Happy Wilhelmina donned her best singing dress and went to sleep. But instead of waking up in triumph she awoke to a strange new land that seemed intent on destroying her.

Her strength is that she can use her voice to stun mobs for a few seconds but once they are unstuned they go crazy chasing you down for longer than usual ( but do stop). She is narcissistic so all of her phrases have to do with things being ugly or her being pretty. She is more prone to insanity due to her narcissistic tendencies. Her voice is a harpsichord.

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So you're telling here is another character idea right? Well that's an interesting story but there's already a list of planned character names (15 total including the existing characters like "Wilson"), although I don't remember all but I know a few like "Wallace", "Waverly", "Weenie", "Wilbur", "Woodie", "Webber". There's "Wilton" and "Wortox" but I already suggested that names on 1 character so either it's Wilton or Wortox. Edited by llikazuchill
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