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How to do stuff during the creation of a prefab?

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kertinker    200

I was under the impression that "prefabs" had a "fn" member, which was used to construct instances of that prefab. But doing this:

local prefab = GLOBAL.require "prefabs/walls" -- stone wall

local old = {
   fn = prefab.fn

local function fn(...)
   print("***************************** creating a stone wall")   
   local inst = old.fn(...)
   inst:SetName("Hound bait")
   return inst
prefab.fn = fn
print("***************************** ready to create stone walls.")

The "ready to create" message is displayed successfully, but when I create a stone wall, my local "fn" is never called. It isn't called when I construct the wall, or when I place it. I've tried augmenting "fn" for stone walls, spears, and map scrolls, but it always does nothing.

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kertinker    200
18 hours ago, Cunning fox said:

inst:DoTaskInTime(0, fn)

That... wouldn't do stuff during the creation of a prefab. It'd have to be already created, if I already had inst to work with. I want to add stuff to instances created by a prefab, during their creation process.

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