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Reach the Asteroid surface

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We are told that were in an asteroid, but the map is essentially a box of impenetrable material.  You might say that the asteroid is just really big and we can only explore a small portion of it.  But wouldn't it be much more interesting to reach the surface and find an infinite unquenchable vacuum?  And for this vacuum to be in ALL directions completely surrounding the solid parts of the map.  The sense of having an island of limited resources floating in space really hammers home the premise of the game and it's core challenge.  You can think of the vacuum as almost another biome too with the asteroid surface hosting unique resources such as old meteorites and challenges such as radiation and incoming meteorites.

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here I think this covers your question as much as it did mine, pretty much that there is a lot more planned for the game that what is in it so far and Space is planned


13 hours ago, LTLking said:

Have you read this.


Lore Discovery
The reason why Duplicants are stuck on this Asteroid and the background of the world will slowly be revealed.


In the final phases of the game, we expect the tech tree to be much deeper than it is now, extending to what we would call “space tech”. During that phase, the Duplicants will discover why they are trapped on an asteroid, and what they can do about it.

During Early Access the game will evolve. As the team builds upon the game sometimes it may be too easy, sometimes it may be too difficult, and sometimes it could just be wrong. The process of Early Access helps us land exactly where we want the game to be, and we’re thankful for your feedback as a community helping us to achieve that. We truly think the game is better because of your involvement.

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