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[Suggestion] ONI needs more detailed light& illumination

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LIGHT (AND ILLUMINATION) is supposed to be one of the most crutial elements for the people who want to lead a sustainable, pleasing life under the earth (or in a asteroid, accrodding to the official story). From my point of view its quite werid that our dups do not need any light to survive. Since the print pod provides a limited amount of light, and the fact that illumination do contributes to DECOR, I suppose that KLEI would improve the light pannel and system later.

well.  i have several ideas: 

1. Darkness: debuff on dups under low illumination, for example easily stress out or can not move quickly. Darkness can significantly hindern the players from expanding too fast at the beginning of the game cuz they have to build enough lights to explore. Maybe around the start area there can be some special minerals provide a little illumination, as oxylite provides a little oxygen. 

2. Mist: mist works just like how it does in a MOBA/ RTS game. If an area has not been discovered yet, its total black; discovered but there is no dups or sensor, it remains its latest known condition; only areas sighted by dups and sensors can be monitored by the player.

    Fine Illunination can increase the visual field and thus decrease the mist areas.

3.Detailed illumination value: now in the game, a block is just either with or without light, 0 or 1. Vielleicht we can have some more detailed illumination values from 0 to 255.

anyone has the same idea with me? really want diese functions to be realized. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE, KLEI!  


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I agree lighting could do substantially more in the future.  Work done at stations should be slowed without light along with dup movement.  Darkness should act as a decor modifier (say -50%) so you can actually use it strategically to make the ugly parts of your base LESS offensive by hiding them.

I don't feel we need to go past the binary light/dark distinction though to get the improved game-play and it would actually be counter productive.  At the most a 'dim' middle ground might be possible.

Supporting this increased light need would mean we likly want to add some improved light technology like LED bulbs and such, maybe some light sources that are specifically for Decor like Disco-balls and lasers.

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Some improvement in the light systems sounds right, and can even give the "lightbugs" more meaning in early game, than just being "floating decorations".

Also, it could expand the amount of "tools" that the dupes can use (by tools, I mean things that they can grab an use, like the exosuit and the clothes). A flashlight could be a good item to expand faster while mining new areas.

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A rechargeable headlamp is a perfect solution.

Any Dupe will use their lamp in the dark, movement and other penalties if they're in the dark because it's lost it's charge.

It could be managed like their other needs. Build a station for "recharging/swapping" and hook it to a battery.

Leaves room for future tech too, like better batteries as a perk from research.

I think it could be pretty easily balanced as long as they make some more "ambient" types of lights for hallways, maybe a directional light tile so you can minimize the space and wiring.

Others have pointed out that "bioluminescence" could be added to more than just the light bug, or a future update could allow us to "print" more light bugs. So there are lots of ways to make it balanced.

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