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  1. Well, after a quick testing, both Deuteranopia and Protanopia were very ussefult. But there is one problem: The Temperature Overlay. For me, the biggest problem is the Temperature Overlay, as it's the overlay I use the most, and for now it isn't covered by those colorblind settings. If I try to have a quick gasp of how my base is doing, it is very hard for me to differentiate Temperate and Warm temperatures. In fact, when tere is a lot of variance in temperatures, sometimes its even hard to tell Temperate from Hot. If you guys want to extend the colorblind setting to the Temperature Overlay, I could suggest what seems to work on my mod: set the "Temperate" temperature to the color Black (Like how it is on the "Comfort Zone" of the thermal tolerance). Just by doing this, you are helping a lot in the task of diferentiate between "Temperate" and "Warm/Hot"... I attached two screenshots as an example. One contains a capture of the vanilla non-colorblind temperature overlay: Its most of it temperate? Its getting hotter? How much the heat advanced? I can't tell. The other contains an example with the modded colorblind temperature overlay: Now I can clearly see it, the base is mostly temperate, just a little bit hotter further away of the printer. There are other biomes radiating heat, but the heat didn't advanced at all.
  2. Oh, pretty nice! Some time ago, I made a mod to enable a colorblind mode on the temperature overlay (I have a mild color blindness on the green-red spectrum), but as I forgot to publish the source on Github, I losed it and I couldnt update it to the current build. Is nice to see that Colorblind Mode is now an option on the core game. I haven't played since then, so I can't provide many feedback... But testing this is a good excuse to get back to the game ;D
  3. I was reforming the pipe layout of my base to solve a problem of crops not recibing enough liquid. This lead to a new layout with a lot of loops. The thing is, every time I load that save, when the dupes start constructing that layout, the game crashes. Always. I attached to this post my DxDiag info, the output log, a simDLL crash generated on the game root folder, and my save. In the save, the new layout is already setted, so if you wait for the dupes to wake up, it should crash the game while building (It happends when they build the pipes at the botom). Citadel Cycle 44.sav DxDiag.txt SimDLL_CRASH_release_255716_20180220-01.52.57.dmp