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Interested in jobs

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ok then my first suggestion is to not advance dupes down job paths unless you absolutely need them to be or you know you can afford to support the stress levels involved.  Secondly, spam paintings.
Don't master jobs until you are established.

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While job interest should have such an effect, if you are having issues with stress its on you, not the job system.


You need to manage both food and decor standards for your dupes.  You can't survive off of Meal Lice forever now, the low quality food debuff will absolutely murder you with it's maximum of -450% stress per cycle in it's most extreme cases, and furthermore, your farmer will stress the hell out in a meal lice farm because of it's massive negative decor rating, especially compared to a bristle blossom farm where you can end up with nearly the highest decor in the base if you design it right and utilize some fun cheese with mesh door ceilings and paintings on the "floor" above.


Utilize stress reduction methods as well.  The Nice Bathroom buff can be gotten on the very first cycle, and gives you effectively a permanent -15% stress buff, and the Mess Hall can be designed in such a way as to massively reduce stress via decor and via it's own permanent buff, and lock your dupes to only eat right after they get up, letting you keep them doing their jobs during the day and not running off and eating mid way through, dropping whatever they were doing in the process.


FInally, make sure you are sweeping stuff off of the ground.  It may not seem like much, but especially if you have multiple types of stuff on the ground, it adds up to a LOT of stress from the massively negative decor.  A single type of item on the ground here or there won't hurt much, but if you have like 10 different items on each tile, it will rapidly add up to -100 or more decor lost from the area.


For a final statement... I've had less stress problems this patch than last patch, and that is WITH the massively nerfed art impact on stress.  I don't even NEED art to keep up with the stress a lot of the time, and pretty much exclusively have it above my beds and that is it and I'm 100% fine.  The only reason to really spam art is to counteract a naturally low decor area that your dupes have to spend a lot of time in, otherwise it isn't really needed.  Food is a far more important aspect of stress than anything else right now.  Your dupes can eat food roughly 1 tier below expectations without it being too bad, and eating food above expectations gives a stress reduction buff, but you have to keep a close eye on that food quality and what foods dupes are allowed to eat.  You really don't want your master farmer/miner/builder/ect deciding that he randomly wants to chow on a muckroot that you found while digging out a new farm or tunnel.

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