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  1. but when I connect a battery after the small one and run the refinery, the battery stays full all the time
  2. The small one but it doesn't say that It can only transform 1kw of power. it only says that it can store 1000 joules and other equipment on the same line don't get knocked out
  3. Refineries connected after a transformer won't function properly without a battery also after the transformer
  4. The game freezes for a few seconds at the start of each cycle
  5. It used to say "1E-05" in older versions but it is not 0. The Only 2 things in ONI with 0 conductivity are Vacuum And Nutroneum
  6. Petroleum Generators Don't Get Tuned Up.
  7. My CPU is 2700X and My GPU is RX470. When Playing I don't get 60FPS but None of the CPU Cores are Pinned and My GPU Stays at around 40% usage yet I get 30~40 FPS
  8. the storage compactor is set to 7 and the coal generator is set to 9
  9. when the Mechanical airlock isn't connected to power, it works normally as though it is powered. Even reacts to automation signals. As in this youtube video by brothgar: I did NOT make this video
  10. I don't care who made those Did worse than google translation lol the mistaken word(s) should be "种植“ In case you wonder I'm from somewhere that uses chinese
  11. Still happens in Occupational upgrade Just press the "D" key then release it. the scrolling will stop. then press "H" to go back to your base.