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No Wheezworth and No water sleeve

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Hi  !

I present my base, which cools down without Wheezworth and recycles water without water sleeve.




The main fresh water storage tank is 14°; I have three reservoirs of cold polluted water; 



Classically, cooling is provided by a polluted water network [1]. The water has a temperature of 17°C at the start and returns to 21°C. The flow rate is 2,500 G/s;
[2] is used to cool the presses;
[3] to grow Sleet Wheat;

To ensure a constant temperature of the polluted water reservoirs, this is how it works: 

If the temperature is too high, water is pumped from the reservoir to the cooling system. If the pressure is too low, cold water is drawn into the reservoir. Logical gates are not essential, but I think it looks nicer:)



The cooling and purification system is here:



[A] works like other polluted water tanks[1],[2] and[3] and its temperature is set to 5°, but it often rises to 40 or 50°. To speed up its cooling, it uses the aquatuner;
is a reservoir that serves as a buffer. When [C] is emptied, it fills it; if starts to be too full, its aquatuner becomes active. This allows the water to be preheated for [C] and speeds up the purification circuit.
[C] is the heart of the system, it contains two aquatuners. One for polluted water used to cool the tanks[1][2][3] and[A] and the other to cool fresh water from the geyser  or [D].
[D] is the freshwater cooling chamber. There are two cooling mechanisms:[C] (Aquatuner)  and [A] ; when the water is cold enough it is sent to the fresh water reservoir.

The [C] aquatuners heat up the water in the reservoir. When the temperature reaches 120°C it is transformed into steam and passes through [D]. We lose a lot of energy. (2J per g and degrees). 


 The system is stable. I ran it around a hundred cycles without any significant incidents.

PS: all this was done without debugging mode. That's why there is - among other things - naphtha in[C]. I have a mini-pump that has melted...

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5 hours ago, Oozinator said:

Good luck, to build something like that, with occupational update ^^

Sadly, I'm starting to feel this way about just about everything I try to do in the update.

Things I could plan out and build in less than an hour of game play are now taking me hours and hours. :-/

I haven't made it to an oil set up yet, but I am dreading how slow/dangerous this is gonna be without suits (or with suits and unable to dig everything right)

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1 hour ago, TheOlz said:

Sadly, I'm starting to feel this way about just about everything I try to do in the update.

Was similar at my side, but then we got farmstation (interesting for me). I have to test it out, but that feels good, when one farmer could run it completely.
That gives an additional buff for farms and some % + make some big difference (could add more dupes). I use door permissions

Ok one farmer could handle one farm, but that farmstation is only used once a plant and it shows nothing on plant details panel (not fully integrated now?)

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