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  1. Save File Editor

    Really great! Thank you. If you could also change the description and the image of geyser ...
  2. This tile is very hot !!

    Yes you are right. It was just a display bug. I did not try to climb on it, but the objects on it were crossing it. When the temperature went down to 300 °, it was back to the right color and I was able to destroy it without any problem.
  3. the tile temperature is above its melting point (1709 vs 626), and yet ... the save
  4. Someone tried to put a little chlore to have the same phenomenon (continuous production of PO2) without the slimlug?
  5. [Game Update] - 265724

    Not really... The biomes are protected by a layer of 4 titles of abassalyte. The problem is that this layer has the temperature of one of the two biomes. By the time this equilibrates, (10 cycles), it melts one or two ice cubes (or cool 1 or 2 tiles of the other biomes). It is playable. But the generation of worlds would be improved if the layer of abassalyte had 2 temperatures instead of one.