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Custom Character issues

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I've come across an issue creating my custom DST character, I have redrawn the character's template sprites but the character is still the template in game, I also have the character's final look in Spriter, if there is a way to export the finished character to my game I'd like to know please and thank you (ps i tried publishing it on the workshop but it didn't work)

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Did you delete the Zip folders in anim? After that you need to recompile them, Which should automatically be done when you start the game or run the Auto compiler.

You can access it from the DS mod tools, it works for both DS and DST. You can download in in the tools screen under library.

If you are using the Version that is not steam or PC I'll Compile it for you.

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Few pointers, one if you didn't rename the workshop folder that you may be working in theres a chance the stuff will get erased due to the mod being redownloaded. Two you should delete the zip file that gets made in the exported-character folder next to the scml, if you don't do that everytime you rebuild/compile it'll use that zip file to rebuild the previous character build that was made with it and rename the zip file in the anim folder. Three delete the zip file in the anim or the autocompiler will think the file was already built and skip the exported folder.

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