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  1. There is a way to compile the modicon without using the texcreator, if you put the modicon.png into the images folder and compile then move them back OR Modify the Mod info and put the new path to the mod icon's xml and tex files they'll work, it's what I did for my Mod icons.
  2. inst.components.temperature.inherentinsulation = 30 --Keep positive inst.components.temperature.inherentsummerinsulation = -30 --Keep negative Those are two codes from my mod that I have.
  3. Alright, so I had fixed the problem but now a new one arose, Every time I start my server I get to the character select screen, then it suddenly crashes, I cant find anything wrong other than orphaned values in my client log and I have no Idea where these orphaned values came from nor what is causing them. client_log.txt Andreas Nylleri Moon (2).zip
  4. What do you mean by "always has a jacket on" ? do they get cold slower and hot faster?
  5. I am not a 100% code savvy but I understand it enough to do a few things .(Such as custom sanity rates, Immunities/ vulnerabilities, etc) I have my own character mod that I have been working on and I have some experience with spriter, not a lot of experience though, I just barely can make an animation using it XD.
  6. First off what OS does your computer run, If it is Windows you need to install Don't starve mod tools, it work for both DS and DST, after downloading go to your steam common folder and open up the folder named Dontstarvemodtools and go to the auto compiler, a CMD window will pop up and show you the progress of the folders being compiled. (Though auto compiler is not perfect as it will sometimes mess things up.)
  7. Yes and there was nothing I could find regarding the wings nor their directory.
  8. I did it and it still is not compiling... Andreas Nylleri
  9. I never Deleted them, I believe I had moved them to my desktop I'll put them back in, though When I had opened it up after I had removed them I didn't get any complaints from spriter which is probably why I didn't notice that was the problem in the first place.
  10. The last time this happened I had to restart my mod from scratch...
  11. I went to fix her torso sprites and now she is not compiling...