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  1. [Tutorial] Using Extended Character Template FIXES

    There is a way to compile the modicon without using the texcreator, if you put the modicon.png into the images folder and compile then move them back OR Modify the Mod info and put the new path to the mod icon's xml and tex files they'll work, it's what I did for my Mod icons.
  2. Oooh Okay ^_^ I didn't see the announcement for it. Still can't wait
  3. as this been... Abandoned ?!?! I REALLY hope not I couldn't wait until it was finished but I've seen no updates for quite a long time!
  4. How to compile mod on MAC

    This makes three people who needs help with this, I can't figure out how to do this... Apparently, it's supposed to auto compile the the aspects into the anim file but in reality it doesn't all the time...
  5. this program is to dangerous for those who do not know how to use bianary, if a mistake is made the user's whole computer could be completely wiped out, I suggest the Ktools be updated to an .exe as that won't only be safer but more user friendly.
  6. Handsome Matt's Tools!

    is there a tutorial for this? I open it up and then I can't do anything on it.