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  1. Post both files here so people can look through them and iron out the bugs. Also it helps to post the logs. I run a PC So I can tell you where to find the error logs for a PC windows OS Users\(Compname)\Documents\Klei\donotstarvetogether client_log.text copy that log and upload it here as it updates every time you launch the game.
  2. Help Making a Custom Character

    Yes exactly what I needed
  3. Help Making a Custom Character

    Alright new question, Is there a way to have a custom Description of an item from each of the characters. For instance when you describe something like a flower as wilson he says something about but other character say something else? I'm not very good at explaining stuff.
  4. Help Making a Custom Character

    Alright thanks ^_^
  5. Help Making a Custom Character

    Okay, How do I make an animation loop? I have the loop enabled in spriter but that is to just loop the playback of said animation. Also I still want that ability to kill any character without the tag "keeper"
  6. Unnatural Dev Log

    This looks like it's coming along nicely, I like the design for the nightmare axe.
  7. Help Making a Custom Character

    I have but I'm not completely sure on how exactly it works, I don't want my weapon to be sounding and saying the same thing as lucy.
  8. Help Making a Custom Character

    Alright, How do I make an equipable talk? Also How do I make it kill a player if said player who picks it up if sait player is missing a specific tag?
  9. The best thing I can tell you is editing the sprite it's self to compensate for the arm. how dst puts the character together in game is different from what it looks like in spriter. I have a similar problem with my character. Make sure you back up your original sprite in case it doesn't look right in-game.
  10. Looking for people to play with!

    I got a bit of an announcement to make on this, the reason why I have not been on DST is due to a common problem I have with certain games especially with server hosting. it is not the game it's self, it is my internet, I could be playing with my sis sitting next to me and I would lose connection to the game in turn kicking her from the game or she'll experience severe lag but I would not.
  11. Own character mod crashes DST

  12. Creatin Custom Weapon animation

    After making a change in spriter you have to update the anim files
  13. Own character mod crashes DST

    Your welcome, I had the same problems with my character.
  14. Post the file, I may be able to figure out what went wrong
  15. Own character mod crashes DST

    You have not renamed all of the files in the mod, go through and make sure you changed esctemplate to your characters name. that should fix the crashes. Also You should post the mod folder too it would make it easier for people to iron out the problems.