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  1. Yes Recliners and the chess can increase the learning skill.
  2. Natural Disasters

    I like the Quarrel idea makes sense Being trapped in a colony for a while, also add a new stress response "Violent out rage" instead of destroying things like the Destructive does it causes to dupe to snap and attack other dupes increasing the stress and causing injury. Also the Heat wave/ Cold snap is a good idea as well. They're on an asteroid around an unknown star it is not known how far away they are from said star but this could be a seed dependent thing, certain seeds gives a different sudden spike in temperature OR certain comets could pass such as a ice comet or even a shooting star could pass by and cause not only the sudden spike but the Earth quakes as well. And the thing about being given the disasters an option to be toggled on or off, instead give the player the option of ON(All Disasters are on) CUSTOM (You customize what disasters you want to appear during your game) and OFF(All disasters off) much like the world customization in Don't starve. I would Also like to see different Species of Dupes, instead of just human dupes, Like Reptilian or some kind of alien Dupe. Then more diseases, there is slime lung and food poisoning, and I love the Idea of the Mass Psychogenic Illness, I went to the link and Read the Wiki on it makes sense for the game setting. I would like to see Parasites, being on an asteroid with life and various different biomes there ought to be parasitic organisms, they could effect certain foods such as raw meat and raw meal lice in polluted or non-refrigerated environments. They also could be in polluted water as well. Placebo pills would work for curing the dupes of the parasite OR a new medicine could be researched for the parasites. Now the radar stuff I can see happening, but it'll be mid-late game, requiring A LOT of power and resources to use.
  3. Help coding my character

    inst.components.temperature.inherentinsulation = 30 --Keep positive inst.components.temperature.inherentsummerinsulation = -30 --Keep negative Those are two codes from my mod that I have.
  4. Help coding my character

    What do you mean by "always has a jacket on" ? do they get cold slower and hot faster?
  5. Unnatural Dev Log

    This looks like it's coming along nicely, I like the design for the nightmare axe.
  6. Do you have the Don't starve mod tools?
  7. How to compile mod on MAC

    This makes three people who needs help with this, I can't figure out how to do this... Apparently, it's supposed to auto compile the the aspects into the anim file but in reality it doesn't all the time...
  8. this program is to dangerous for those who do not know how to use bianary, if a mistake is made the user's whole computer could be completely wiped out, I suggest the Ktools be updated to an .exe as that won't only be safer but more user friendly.
  9. Handsome Matt's Tools!

    is there a tutorial for this? I open it up and then I can't do anything on it.