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Germ exclusion principle

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You can de-food-poison a pool of water by flooding it with water with slimelung. Slimelung isn't very dangerous in water because it dies quickly in liquids and on food.

You can do the same to gases: by electrolyzing food-poisoned water, you create a (short-ranged) barrier that slimelung germs can't cross. The more germy the water, the better the protection. Food poison doesn't seem to affect dupes that inhale it - the germ counter doesn't seem to go up at all.

Not sure if germy duplicants follow the same rules, but there certainly is some resistance to the opposite germ type. Duplicants who have lots of slimelung in them do not need to wash their hands after going to toilet.

It seems that you can't prevent a slimelung infection with food poison germs, but you can do it with a cold shower: a dupe infected with hypothermia will not become ill with germs and will be immune to infections for a while after getting cured. Just like IRL, it seems that cold showers decrease the average duration of sick leaves (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5025014/). Unlike IRL, by freezing your workers, you can make them spend only 33% of the usual time being ill.

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38 minutes ago, Ichikai said:

I am fairly certain a dupe with slimelung IN them, do get surface food poisoning germs ON them after toilet? No?

Unless it changed very recently, no.

I saw dupes with slimelung in them skipping sinks and being clean nonetheless.

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