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Can we get some kind of signage?

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I think this should be relatively simple, since I'm only really asking for one thing.

Could we get some signs to make organization a little easier? Even if it's just something that has like a 15 character limit and allows you to write in whatever you want that fits like in Minecraft.

I've grown accustomed to placing singular resources in each storage container for performance reasons. The problem it causes when you're not just dumping everything into compressors wherever it fits, is that it's really REALLY easy to lose track of where you're storing your stuff. Which matters if you want to group certain things together, or if you want to move certain things to different areas.

It would be really nice to be able to stick a sign on a wall above a group of compressors that says "Sand", so I can keep track of things at a glance.

Please help me make my colony look like Edd's bedroom...


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